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House of the Public

A House of the Public is a large dwelling that is owned by the Traveler's Lodge and run by a contracted individual, who may do as they wish so long as the property remains in its initial condition.
Built with the purpose to provide wanderers with respite and rest, the Lodge gains most of its income from locals, who use the House for regular gatherings and as a place for social exchange.

Interorganisational Ties

The Lodge has an agreement with the Circle of Oads, allowing pilgrims and oads to stay in a private communal room and be replenished at the cost of the Circle.
In return, the Lodge receives blessings and a small financial compensation for their troubles.


Quality Control

To guarantee the quality of the food, drink, lodging and service, the Lodge will send a conner on a journey to test and observe the Houses and gain impressions from locals and visitors.
The conner will be dressed and act like any ordinary customer while sharply observing their surroundings.
On the day of parting, they will strike up conversation with locals to better evaluate the House before leaving for the next House.
Occasionally, a pilgrim or oad may be tasked to inspect the service for the Circle, who will discuss results with the Lodge.

Purpose / Function

A House of the Public is a large residence equipped to serve as a place for locals to gather and travelers and pilgrims to rest.
They may provide food, drink and lodging for a fair price.
Every establishment must provide a small room for the pilgrims to keep them isolated from others. Only pilgrims, oads and the host of the House may enter it.
This precaution is taken to prevent the temptation of speaking, as well as preventing unpleasant odors from driving away customers.
Simple food and drink is supplied to the pilgrim regularly and in a prescribed fashion, and any expenses are billed to the Gladden administration.
Larger or more well-connected establishments may also boast a performance room for traveling performances, such as the widely acclaimed show The Frightful Poltergeist!.
Alternative Names
Public House, Pub, Hop, Wooden Oad
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