Ahven Path

Ahven Path (also referred to as The Path of Ahven) is an ancient Gladden pilgrimage route running through Tightland.  

Prominent Locations

Perhaps the most important location along the path is Penchester Cathedral, a grand structure containing one of the oldest structures in the world: Carredin.
Many pilgrims end their journey there, and return home filled with an unrivaled fascination for Penchester and the greater world, and a fresh view on life.


Pilgrims should start their journey with nothing but a long tunic made from linen.
On their travels they may pick up and bring with them items of no financial value, such as a souvenir.
During their travels they may neither wash nor talk and are to experience life as the most primitive and godlike entity.
Along the way, they will receive food, protection and guidance from local Oads.
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