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The Carredin is an ancient structure upon Credalbenn Mountain, around which Penchester Comnaidele was built.

Purpose / Function

Carredin has been a place of Gladden worship for as long as is known, and is still an important site along the Ahven Path.

It is believed that the stone circle once possessed healing properties.
This is supported by archeological finds, that have found walking sticks, used bandages and other medical aides dating from 11'000 BE to 5'500 BE.
The scientific community believe this was a site where healers would work, and that the stones themselves served no medical purpose.


The stone circle consists of 16 large and rectangular cuboids carved from stone arranged in a circle.
There are various, repetitive engravings on the stone of which the function is unclear.
General consensus is that the engravings were of ornamental or symbolic value.


It is widely believed that the structure was erected in ancient times, and may well be one of the oldest structures in the world,
Not much else is known about the structure, but it now belongs to Penchester Cathedral.
Room, Religious, Shrine
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