An oad is a person who aims to shape the world in the image of Gladdendom, and has left behind their bonds to family and possessions to aid this cause.



All oads are trained in Penchester Cathedral due to its size, ease of access to resources and historical and religious value.
They will go through intense training, learning everything about the Gladden religion that one might need to know before departing on a pilgrimage around Tightland .
Upon their return, they are sent to a region where an oad is needed should they be found worthy by the other oads, and is likely to spend their entire lives there.

Career Progression

All oads are considered equal, although certain very special occasions such as the Rite of Servitude require years of training to prevent injury from occurring.

Payment & Reimbursement

Oads live a frugal life and eat and sleep primarily off of donations and contributions.
Any profit that is made is hoarded by the Circle for covering the costs of pilgrims and any other purchases that need to be made.

Other Benefits

Oads enjoy a very peaceful and fulfilling life, with no pressure to earn a living and experiencing many special moments, such as births, deaths and the personal development of others.
They often aid locals in various matters, such as garden work or restoration efforts, and enjoy assisting any who may need their help or guidance.



The oads have pledged their lives to help shape the world to the Gladden paradise they believe it was meant to be.
This includes offering spiritual guidance, settling minor conflicts, organising religious events and helping local communities.

Social Status

Although oads live some of the poorest lives in the Tightish Empire, they are very highly regarded and respected by most people.
There are some that think badly of Gladdendom, and therefore also the oads, but these figures are in a strong minority.


Oads where originally a small group of Gladden believers spread throughout Tightland, who would meet once a year at Carredin in what is now Penchester.
At some point, it is believed they had died out, but were reestablished decades later in the form which they have retained since.
Very little is known about the previous Circle.
Historically, the Circle also had a military presence, but this has been abolished together with many other reforms to non-violence on the founding of the Tightish Empire.



The Sword and Sickle are perhaps the most recognisable tools used by the oads.
Once a greatly feared weapon of the oads in warfare, they have since only been used in ceremonies.
They carry much symbolism and are often used in imagery to represent Gladdendom.
Alternative Names
There are a limited amount of vacancies, one for every community.
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