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A conner is a professional taster, often employed by the Traveler's Lodge, who is responsible for inspecting Houses of the Public and similar establishments.



Typically, conners must prove themselves in covert operation and memorise prices and food and drink inspection.

Payment & Reimbursement

Typically, conners are reimbursed for the food, lodging and transport they receive along their journeys, and receive a small salary.

Other Benefits

Conners often enjoy the traveller's life and meeting new people along their journeys.
Receiving free services and the challenge of remaining unnoticed as a conner also provide a small amount of comfort and excitement to an otherwise fairly bland profession.



Conners are usually employed to assure the quality of various services, such as food, lodging, infrastructure and entertainment.

Social Status

Since conners should ideally not be recognised by others, they are often viewed as regular travellers and treated as such.


Dangers & Hazards

Conners can be subject to many unpleasant experiences when at work, particularly when visiting unpopular locations.
Intelligence Gathering
Very popular, but little to no demand
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