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Session 30 - The Callback

General Summary

The heroes had been summoned to Heidmarch Manor at the behest of Sheila Heidmarch. She had recently come into possession of a braclet that she believed once belonged to a Runelord's apprentice. The Venture-Captain had made arrangements to have it appraised and authenticated at the Museum of Ages. However, after the recent attacks against the Pathfinder Society by members of the Aspis Consortium, courtesy of Maiveer Sloan, Sheila felt that the delivery of the bracelet would have to be done by people capable of defending it.    Enter the Saviors of Sandpoint.   But the meeting was a ruse. When the heroes delivered the bracelet, it turned out to be a ploy for the Saviors of Sandpoint to meet with Sheila Heidmarch's contact at the Order of Magnimar Security - Seraphina Gustavos, wife of Torabor Gustavos. Seraphina confessed that she had been keeping tabs on the heroes, and that since Sheila trusted them, the OMS would trust them as well. Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras  had recently received word that Fort Rannick, a remote military outpost manned by a group known as the Black Arrows, had gone silent. The nearby town of Turtleback Ferry had not heard from them in weeks, and messages of concern made their way to Magnimar. Lord-Mayor Grobaras claimed to have no one to spare to check on the status of the Black Arrows. The OMS, however, stepped in.   Seraphina offered the heroes 750 gp each to take on the mission. The OMS would also pay for their transportation by river barge to Turtleback Ferry. Also, Seraphina conceded that the party had also driven off Xanesha because another Sihedron Medallion had been recovered. She presented that to the party as well.   Over dinner at Heidmarch Manor, Sheila asked if the party had enough personnel to aid them in the upcoming mission. Did they need a healer, or could they take care of matters on their own? Kadrus Shieldwalker offered his services. As a white mage, he was able to twist his arcane powers into healing magics. Sheila offered the services of a pathfinder warpriest of irori who happened to have recently returned from a mission. He was a bit standoffish, thinking himself better than others. She said he claimed to be azlanti, but suspected that he was simply another stuffy nobleman from Cheliax. In the end, the party opted for the extra abilities provided by the warpriest, and Alduin joined the party.   The heroes boarded the river barge. Bargemaster Stellan gave them the rules and the barge departed. The first four days were uneventful, with even Stellan suspicious about the lack of action as they passed by the Mushfen swamp. The other traveler on the barge, an elf named Kwava, seemed much less concerned... almost as if he knew something. Which it turned out he did, when Jayvielle and Kilgor sparred on the deck and Kwava recognized the markings of Jayvielle's back. He told them the story he'd heard from before he departed the Mwangi Expanse. A tale of a grippli family hunted by cannibal tribesmen. The mother and father grippli were slain, but before the child could be killed a bolt of lighting came down from the sky. A shaman found everyone dead and burned except for the tiny grippli boy, who only had markings of lighting bolts on his back. Jayvielle perhaps?   The barge had to offload supplies in the town of Ashenvale. They would be spending the night as the barge had to be rotated for the northern trek, but the heroes were invited to partake in the town's Dragonrest Festival. The Saviors of Sandpoint got rooms, enjoyed a nice meal and drinks, and met members of the Ashen Order  As the festivities wound down and the town square began to clear, Kilgor heard a voice whisper in his ear... and Tsuto Kaijitsu materialized behind him.

Rewards Granted

  • 750 gp each for accepting the mission.
  • Sihedron Medallion that used to belong to Xanesha.

Character(s) interacted with

Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
15 Oct 2021
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