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The lamia matriarch Xanesha was one of the early recruits of the awoken Runelord Karzoug, who recruited several of her kind to infiltrate Varisia and gather greedy souls to power his runewell.


Xanesha was a member of the large population of lamyros living in the lost city of Xin-Shalast at the time of Karzoug's reawakening. She was chosen by the runelord and taught the rituals needed to prepare a soul for his runewell. After she had mastered this skill, she was sent from her home high in the Kodar Mountains into the more populated lowlands to help in her new master's return. Travelling Varisia in her human form, she eventually settled in Magnimar.  


Now living in a heavily-populated city, Xanesha needed a cover identity so that she would not arouse suspicion. She found one in a like-minded group of murderers: a Skinsaw cult known as the Skinsaw Men. Xanesha easily seduced their leader, a magistrate named Ironbriar, who believed her to have been sent by their patron deity, Norgorber, and soon became the leader of the cult.   The Skinsaw Men were eventually dispatched by the adventuring group, the Saviors of Sandpoint. This also brought the heroes in conflict with the lamia matriarch. They fought atop the Shadow Clock in the Underbridge, and out of desperation, Xanesha fled before she could be killed. She left behind her Sihedron medallion, given to her by Karzoug. Knowing Karzoug's lack of tolerance for failure, Xanesha wanted nothing the runelord could use to find her.
Current Status
On the run from Karzoug .
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Current Residence