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The Sihedron or Shattered Star is a magical artifact of incredible power created by the archmage Xin, the founder of ancient Thassilon, himself. It is sundered into seven shards, each made of a different skymetal. If these shards are rebuilt, their full abilities may be discovered. Each shard, however, carries a curse related to its associated sin. The curse may be suppressed by placing a specific type of ioun stone in the appropriate spot of the shard. Additionally, the magic effects of each shard are so strong that carrying more than two causes problems such as becoming nauseated.  


The seven shards of the Sihedron are:
  • Shard of Envy
  • Shard of Gluttony
  • Shard of Greed
  • Shard of Lust
  • Shard of Pride
  • Shard of Sloth
  • Shard of Wrath


The Sihedron was created during the Age of Legend by Xin, a powerful Azlanti wizard who had been exiled from his homeland to the northwestern coast of Avistan. His power was eventually usurped by the seven runelords and, during this rebellion, the Sihedron was broken into seven pieces. Xin had arranged for his magical resurrection should the Sihedron ever be put back together, but the runelords suspected his plot and split up Xin's mysterious artifact so that he could not rise upon its reconstruction. Each of them took the shard that corresponded to his or her own specialty.  

Recent History

  After two shards of the Sihedron were found and brought together by a group of adventurers in 4720 AR, Pathfinder Society Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch¬†of the Varisian city of Magnimar¬†called together the Sihedron Council to decide on what to do should all seven shards be discovered.
Item type
Unique Artifact