Ashen Order

A group of fellow adventurers from the town of Ashenvale, in the Ashwood Forest. The Guardians of Golarion met the group when they were on the Devil's Elbow.   The members include:
  • Kiana Moonshadow - a female elven archer ranger and leader of the group. She is saving every coin to purchase a very expensive bow in Absalom.
  • Baros Alexston - a male human Gunslinger with an air of nobility and culture around him. He is a tinkerer and seems quite intelligent.
  • Aenir - a Shoanti steelblood barbarian who wears heavy armor and swings a big hammer.
  • Burma Swiftstone - a female halfling warpriest of Iomedae. Walks softly and carries a big stick. Uses much of her earnings to pay for renovations for the church of Iomedae.
  • Talisa - a human monk, and an expert on the Twilight Empire. Her sister was crucified by the Empire so she holds a bit of a grudge. She has studied everything she can find on the Empire and has become a bit of an authority on the topic.
  During their mission on the Devil's Elbow, the Order lost two members:
  • Devlar (RIP) - a dwarven warrior who was killed and dragged away by akata during an ambush on the Devil’s Elbow.
  • Lucelin (RIP) - a half-elven wizard who was killed and dragged away by akata during an ambush on the Devil’s Elbow.


The party took ownership of Dragonrest Keep. They had driven out some Twilight cultists who were using it previously. The location was nice so they hired people to help rebuild. The contractors built a work camp around the keep. That turned into a village. Now it was filled with farmers, merchants and Lady Burma had been working on the church of Iomedae.
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