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Barredrir Space Station

Idealized by entrepreneurs from the nearby planet as a trading space station, it was built alongside other investors from all over the galaxy after the War of Storms. They elaborated the project to be that of an independent station and comissioned to Corporation Visharman to actually build it.

The station was open for colonizers after 19 earthen cycles, as it was livable, even if far from completed. It took nearly ten times that to finalized the construction, now a space station on the orbit of a desolate world.


The majority of Barredrir's population is genetically registred as humans, with or without augments or evolutionary traits that differenciate from pre-Revelation humans.

The remaining are well split between androids and varied sentient alien lifeforms. Some of the remaining do not identify as either alien or human, but half-human or something else.

Some of those half-human are half-alien, however others that identify as half-human are of divine blood, that is not a rule and both citizens registred as aliens and humans may have divine blood in them.


Barredrir laws and day-to-day governing is taken care by the Barrenar Council - also known as the Desolate Council - , that distributes the taxes and pay for public resources such as the management of the Services and Prison Sectors and the public services such as law enforcement, disaster control and station maintenance.


As all stations, Barredrir is divided into sectors. Some are only open space from the original project to be used as the idealizers would prefer, that have been converted in streets and neighborhoods, public buildings and such. Others, however, are preset sectors necessary for the function of the station.

Farm Sector

Where the local food and sustenance is produced. Despite the name, the majority of Farm Station does not involve alive creatures - be it stock or plants.

Close to 40% of Farm Sector production are supplementary rations, with low variety in taste or texture; it's the cheapest one to product and most easily accessed. Of the other 60%, at least half are processed products, such as salt, sugar, flour and similar. The remaining production varies between artificial food and a infinitesimal greenhouse-grown plants, which are used for both food and medical purposes.

Service Sector

Making sure that the Station is a place where everyone can live is the responsibility of the Service Sector. Service workers guarantee that electricity, data cables, air filters and recyclers, waste disposal, water distribution and more are all working properly so humans, aliens and cyborgs can survive at Barredrir.

At the sector proper one can find the source of most of their physiological needs: the Water Plant, Gas Regulators, Power Generator and Waste Manager

Factory Sector

Reserved for the bigger factories, most of which are heavily automatized, the Factory Sector takes care of the making of both simple and complex parts. Artificial fiber created on Farm Station is used here for the fabrication of clothing, bolts, nuts, engines and a whole range of things.

The few non-automated workers in the Factory Sector are from the less fortunated classes and often live in nearby dormitories in less than perfect conditions.

Prison Sector

A small part of the station only accessible via a space bridge, the Prison Sector is where criminals are sentenced to, when they can't be transferred to larger detention sectors.

Well protected, the Prison Sector has it's own power generator, shield and water and waste system, to avoid escapes. It does not have a dock and as such is mostly inaccessible by spacecraft.

Other Sectors

While named, the other sectors have too much of a variety to be properly categorized. Alpha Sector is so named for being the top priority from all systems and as such is where the most expensive properties are, however it varies in what you can find there, from shopping gallery, to manors and a few buildings for law and damage management departments.

These other stations are a mix of dormitories, smaller shops and public buildings.

Guilds and Factions


The organized nature of workers syndicate as well as the continuous exploitation from Alpha Station has been the favorable grounds for the organized crime that built among the alliances. At first used as a means to protect workers from other criminals, public workers that wished to only oppress and the demands of Alpha Station management, the syndicates have evolved on their own.

No longer tied to the workers, the current Syndicates are criminal groups which smuggle, falsify and withhold taxes, among other things. While they have maintained the name, only those who wish to further oppress the workers and make the false association of hapless individuals and criminals would assume they are actually allied to the work force.

Bolts Syndicate

Originally created to give voice to workers at the hardware factories, specially those that worked with small parts such as bolts and nuts, the syndicate is now a big part of protection at the docking stations. Almost everyone that works at the docks, specially loading workers, know of the Bolts Syndicate and have learned to duck their heads and look the other way when the bulky iron-masked thugs come around.

Pitch Syndicate

With a stronger grip at the Farm and nearby sectors, Pitch Syndicate control the illegal fighting pits and drug cooking. They are smart in their criminology, but no less deadly than the other syndicates, the effort to keep to Farm Sector one that have allow them to grow in resources with little clash with other syndicates and criminal entrepraises.

While the Bolts are known for their wielder iron masks, the Pitch Syndicate can be recognized by flannel shirts and the cloth tied at their forearms with a iron pin.

Space Station
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+600'000 citizens
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Desolate Council, Bolts Syndicate, Pitch Syndicate, Wrench Syndicate

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