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Xon (/zɒn/)

Professor Xon (He/Him)

[...] could we not consider the implications of taking a sentient creature to cages for our entertainment? We have the Kemetists and their zoomorph gods, for instance, how could they be accepting of zoo-xeno life been exploited as such?

It has long been time we adapt to live in a much vaster galaxy that we once thought only ours, and long been time we do it universally.

— XenoCon: Round table Xenology, Sapience and the Law

Xon was born in a cosmopolitan colony in Drides RG9, something that is perhaps not an universal experience for humans. His upbringing saw a fastening growth in his interest for the biology of his neighbors and friends so far from his own.

There was hardly ever any question of his interest in pursuing Xenology as a career path. Even as he took fleeting interest in technology and mechanics. Supported by his family and friends, he got a scholarship at the Solazz University raising to the top of his class, through hard work and dedication.

During his last years, as an intern in a menagerie for alien specimens. The discovery of sapient life among the captives forced him to action, together with other colleagues. They eventually planned and executed the great escape of the Mangor Menagerie.

Not one to give up on a fight, he took to help other activists and refugees escaping these institutions by joining a criminal network. He is now a clandestine doctor, informant, liaison and much more for others.

Mental characteristics


Graduated among the top of his class at University of Solazz in Xenology. He also took many classes in Medical Xenology.

He eventually acquired a Master's degree in Zoo-Xenology by Solazz's Xenology Department.


Shortly after joining the Master's program, he was hired by the University of Solazz. He has remained a professor with averagely attended classes and minor achievements, for the past seven years.

As a clandestine doctor, in contrast, he is very well known. Specially in his abilities to treat aliens of zoo-morphology. His medical capabilities have made him extremely valuable to the underworld.


Family Ties

He has contacts with most of the criminal underworld of Barredrir, thanks to his clandestine work. He uses those contacts to secure jobs for his previous patients and allies.

Whatever contact or people remain in Drides for him to contact, it is not common knowledge.

Religious Views

Xon is a known Cyberpagan, particular to Hellenism.

Hobbies & Pets

Nemee is his pet cat. Orange with a yellow patch of fur around his neck, it is unsociable and grumpy prone to hiss and bite at new arrivals.

A xenologist that loves other creatures and species and is constantly fighting those who would take innocents captive for entertainment

Character Location
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Current Status
Current Location
49 years old
Drides RG9
Current Residence
Compound 3Hermes DD9
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light brown
5'5" (165 cm)
163 lbs (74 kg)
Cyberpaganism (Hellenism)

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Character Portrait image: Xon, Head Profile by Take Damage AI


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