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New Update

because things have changed, again   I'm still a 20-something person, born in Brazil. Still Working on my college degree, in Computer Science. I play games in my spare time - of which I have many too little, because I got a new job and stuff.   As of 2021, I remain in complete and utter love with Pathfined 2e and Paizo as a content creator - I love how often they make things and the fact they have a good relation with their Brazilian publisher, which allows me to buy bunch of books with money I shouldn't be spending... Goblins and their shinnies, I guess.   WorldAnvil has, in one way or another, made a great impact in my life as one of my best RPG groups came from here - Hey Hobs, hey Tris, hey Cilm - and yeh, also great friends.

Interests & Hobbies

I have an absolute adoration and love for tabletop RPGs, like DnD 5e, Mutants and Masterminds, Savage Worlds, and my currenty favourite one: Pathfinder 2e.   I like to draw, not that I am that good at it. And write all sorts of stuff, not only worldbuilding (which I really like, thank you very much).   I have growing interest in creation and crafts of most sorts. Not that I have the time, but I really love wood-crafting, and the idea of making my own dice for RPG, my own grids and modules, and my own sword! (That last one might take me a while...)

Favorite TV Series

Too many to tell, but I have a preference for LGBT shows. As well 'old but gold', like the Whedonverse shows, Xena, Warehouse 13 (does this one count as old but gold? Probably).

Favorite Books

Most of Percy Jackson universe, The 39 Clues series and Skulduggery Pleasant one to five (since the sixth and beyond have yet to find their way to me)

Favorite Writers

Rick Riordan, Derek Landy, and a few fanfic writers.

Favorite Games

For video-games I would say Age of Empires II is a must... I really like the Tomb Raider (2013), and am putting a few bucks to buy the sequels. And even if I suck, I really liked Crypt of the Necrodancer. I like playing games with friends, more frequently League of Legends (I AM still stuck in this) and 7 Days to Die.   I have came in contact with a special service that allows me to play Boardgames online, and have since fallen in love with Race for the Galaxy.


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