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Captain Arkasious Panmo (He/Him)

Despite being tall and larger than most, Arkas is but a kind soul. He helped steal the Cargo Ship Babylon-3 from Mango Menagerie and helped command the other escapees into making the ship work and travel through space.

It didn't took long for others to see his booming and commanding voice was not the equivalent of firmness. Even so, his soft heart and caring nature convinced the others to maintain him as the leader and captain of the crew.

Despite being a pacifist, Arkas is more than capable of fighting. In fact, he is a proper pandima in which he is a superb warrior, of strength and stamina. The few times he feels the need to fight, he has taken to wrestling and disarming enemies more than hitting them.

His calm demeanor makes him the voice of reason and peace in a mostly chaotic crew.


Contacts & Relations

One of Arkasious' most important professional relationship is with Xon, since the xenologist provides a large network of clients and partners for the mercenary. Xon was also an integral part of Arkas' escape from Mango Menagerie, and that has created strong bond of trust, as well as life debt.

CS Babylon

Arkas can, easily, be considered the glue that holds the crew together. By playing the mediator and stern parent roles, he has guaranteed a good relation between the core members of the Babylon. As well as guaranteed the amicable relations between core members and the occasional hired gun that joins the group.


The co-captain, quartermaster and much more, Beura takes care of the operation side of captaining Arkas would not be able to do on his own. She is the one keeping the wheels turning while Arkas makes sure that everyone is alive and getting along. Smart and confident, she takes her responsabilities in stride and have a good time with the captain. Apparently, Arkas was actually one of her first friends in Mango.

And while Arkas looks and sounds commanding, the true orders and decisions - ship and non-crew related - comes from Beura.


Arkas appears to be the one to better tolerate the small energetic rodent, among the crew members. His calmness weirdly allowing him to sit through Scalpel's long disconnected rants. The frequent encouragement from the captain has allowed the smaller member of the crew great leeway.


While Shinha is pretty much the opposite of Arkas in most of their interpersonal relations. And yet, somehow, despite one being aggressive and savage looking and the other a pacifist with a commanding presence, they get along.

Could be because Arkas is one of the few crew members that can fight properly with Shinha whenever the ship becomes too small for her hunter instincts. Could be because Arkas, despite being an awful learner, made the effort to learn Shinha's native sign language. Or simple because they can vibe in hot springs together like bros... No real way to know.

Current Status
Off mission, handling bureaucracy
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Over 30 years
Some place in the Pandima Empire
Pitch black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fluffy white with black marks around eyes, ears and limbs
6'11 (211 cm)
335 lb (152 kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
  • Hiss, stop that! Those are important cables!
  • Hiss, get down from there! That is not safe!
  • Ratt, no! We cannot explode [building, vehicle... or person]
  • Jelly, flooding [location or vehicle] is not a viable option.
  • Work
    CS Babylon (captain)
    Weapon of Choice

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