Cargo Ship Babylon-3

Stolen during the Mango Menagerie Escape, it is now crewed by the same individuals the menagerie wished to entrap. It is captioned by Arkas, with the assistance of Beura. The rest of the crew members includes Hiss, Jelly, Ratt, Scalpel and Shinha, along with a rotation of assistant crew for bigger jobs.

The ship was already approaching the replacement time when it was stolen, and time has not been kind to it. It has stayed as a single vessel largely by effort of Jelly.


Core Crew

The non-rotating members of crew. These individuals have rarely taken leave from the vessel, and have learned to live along themselves the last few years.

Captain Arkas

From the alien species of Arklypsos, his white and black fur has him as a member of the Pandim heritage. He has a strong voice, but is not a firm leader.

Despite being rather shy, Arkas is a force to be reckoned in terms of physical strength and fighting prowess. Yet, he prefers not to fight, being a voice of reason and peace among the crew.

Co-Captain Beura

Also known as quartermaster, she is a sheep-like alien. She is a nervous individual, but beyond capable. Most, if not all, of the ships bureaucracy ringe on Beura.

Like most of the escapees from Mango Menagerie, Beura chose on a new name for her freed identity. Free to be herself, she has taken great care of her appearance and is far more repulse than most to the idea of being captured and returned to her previous conditions.


A small meeky in form, but energetic in attitude, Scalpel has almost no memory of his past before the escape. He has taken to shinny and hospital-related objects, becoming the medical liaison of the crew. He is not particularly good at it.

His long crooked muzzle ends in a wet black nose, wide-open eyes, and brown unkempt fur give him a menaceing look. His rapid talking and bad attention span, do nothing to contradict the idea.


Scaled and reptile in figure, Shinha is from a very particular species. With no vocal cords, they don't speak and communicate through body and sign language. When dealing with outsiders, she uses text vocalizers. His predatory nature, however, mean he is often far away from non-crew.

Shinha's physiology allows for him to be among the strongest of the crew, wrestling frequently with Arkas. His cold-bloodied anatomy, however, takes him to the engines frequently, where they frequently encounter Jelly.


This feline humanoid is at odds with technology more often than not. His parkour-ing on hanging cables and dangling from railings has resulted in at least a dozen repairs to the ship. Yet, he is one of the most qualified combatants and resource retriever - capable of going in and out of unusual places with particular easy.

Ratt Damon

The only other rodent on the crew, Ratt is a known Ásatrú. Attuned with the Nordic gods, Ratt has more than a few divine powers, most of which is used to keep the crew in and out of trouble. His illusions are closest thing the ship has to a camouflage system.


As the mechanic and part-time medic, Jelly has some knowledge in unusual areas for a jellyfish-like alien. Capable of breathing underwater, molding her body to pass vents and similar, she is among the usual side of crew, but no less essential.

Rotative/Auxiliary Crew

Fellow escapees from Mango Managerie, these individuals are not part of the core crew for the Babylon. Yet, they are close with the crew members and good enough in their particular fields, that they have joined the crew in more than one voyage.


This survival and tracking specialist has joined the crew of CS Babylon in many occasions. Often times, called by Xon or Beura to assist in planets with dense biomes and/or tourist rescue.


Often at odds with Hiss, this feathered humanoid has not returned to the ship since the last incident. He is a specialist in the mysterious powers of the Universe and the civilizations that would worship it.


Close with Beura, Rammon prefers the quite life in a space station over the dangers of space travel. Yet, he is an expert in navigating dangerous zones and exploding his way through space. His knowledge of demolitions and explosions results in, at least, one explosion every time he joins the group (most often not caused by himself).

CS Babylon
Owning Organization
Current location
Bathroom, bridge, cargo bay, crew quarters, engine room and 'living room' (repurposed secondary cargo bay)
Cargo Space (dimensions)
10m (height), 16m (width), 20m (depth)
Air filter, ambient shield field, heat management, navigation, waste disposal and more

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