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Babylon Crew

Formed by Mango Menagerie Escapees, they have grown as individuals and a group, developing a small reputation on Barredrir Station and nearby communities.

Their variety of species in the group is interesting and noticeable. Their core members are: a pandarima arklypsian, a miarepris, two rodent-like individuals - likely from Micezis, a scaled cold-blooded individual, a feerienes and a jellyfish-like lifeform.


With a number of core crew members, they have a good function separation system. Arkas takes the role of leader and face of the group; Beura is the manager that makes sure they have anything close to a plan; Shinha is either heavy carrying duty or scarying people duty - they are very capable of both; Scalpel is first aid services; Hiss is the invasion specialist and pilot; Jelly is the local mechanic and hacker with an eye for trouble; and Ratt is the explosions and gods expert.

Temporary Crew Members

Whenever their combine skill set is not enough for a particular job, they have acquired the assistance of other escapees. Maveer is the tracking and survival specialist; Flangor is the occults and cults expert; Rammon is a master navigation with a good knowledge of explosions.

The only non-zoomorphic member of the crew, Xon is an honorary member of Babylon Crew. He is the doctor, informant, confident and much more, whenever needed. Close friends with at least a few of the crew members, Xon is the main liaison and ally of the crew.

A few other escapees have joined the crew on a temporary basis, but those are not frequent enough to warranty further explanation.


Beyond CS Babylon, the crew also possess some minor assets. Communication devices for most of its core members, and available communication for missions. A small variety of tools for repairs and job-related necessities. Arkas has made sure everyone has every equipment they need, including armor and weapons - despite his pacific nature.

Babylon has also an assigned storage unit in Barredrir Station where they put most of the 'junk' they acquired during and between missions.

We don't bite - usually

Founding Date
Approximately five years ago
Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
Mango Escapees
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members

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