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Barrenar Council

The governing body of Barredrir Station, formed by rich Alpha Sector residents that have little to no actual knowledge of the rest of the station works. Given its size, most of the sectors are actually self sustained and their leaders the ones to negotiate with the council and represent them in most capacities.


The first members of the council were part of the enterprise that commissioned the station. They were entrepreneurs of the nearby planet, Barrenar, and ruling a large self-sustained space station was not part of their original plans.

As Barrenar became a desolate planet, the change of plans to make their space post into a space station opened a new set of options. Some wished to only be done with the investment, make it a place for trading and post even without the help of a civilized world, but enough of the investors saw this as an opportunity. It would be the first community station in that solar system and Barrenar's destruction meant certain sources of supplies were no longer easily available to the region.

Thanks to the technological advances following the War of Storms, they were able to improve the power system to be able to hold proper factories, and with contacts of their fallen world, establish trading routes and relations with neighboring civilizations.

Founding Date
Over three-hundred years ago
Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
Desolate Council
Government System

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