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War of Storms

What started as a friendly competition between deities - and their followers - scalated through a series of misfortunate events. As a measurement of power and superiority, followers of Thor created a competition for the mightiest one. Offended and amused, followers of other gods joined in the competition, most of which followed weather or storm gods, such a Raijin, Oya and Zeus. These was the Calm before the Storm.

They competed in planets with high disperity of pressure, or as they are known, Storm Planets. The competitions ranged for standing barely naked in thunderstorms, lifting and throwing heavy objects, throwing javelins and rocks as far as one could and many other 'feats of mighty'. However, the most notorious one was the Thunder Races.

As the competitions continued to grow and move on, it eventually escalated when the gods got involved. Herakles and Raijin competed in a challenge of might, Thor and Oya fought for the glory of the stronget one - no witness remain to reveal the true winner - and many other gods took part in other competitions.

It was after a powerful creature attempted against the life of Ásatrú convoy, and the Hellenistic got robbed of the Olympian Lightning, that the full-fledged war began.

Most of the damage done prior to these attempts was collateral and minor in the big scale of things. However, as the followers of different Cyberpaganism factions clashed, worlds where blown up or became inhospitable, vessels got destroyed and planetary conflicts. It is among the biggest conflicts in the last few generations.

Weirdly, despite the damages, direct confrontation rarely intended to kill and were more to take prisioners, as a means to show the winner's superiority and/or might.

The Conflict

The Engagement

Space Confrontations

In open space, the conflict was fought on and by ships. Despite the size of the conflict, the majority of ships were light vessels and rarely envolved proper warships. Those ships would shot energy - often to deactivate or incapacitate the ships -, before having a boarding pod sent to enter the vessel and capture prisioners.


At first a shocking techinique it became sort of a joke as time went on. Given the prices and the dangers of ramming a spaceship into another, it would only be in the Bros Wars one would see that being used as a serious tactic.

Thunderstrikes were almost theatrical by the end of the conflict. A captain would send a message to the enemy ship before evacuating the whole crew from their own and putting the ship on auto course.


The destruction of Barrenar, a planet in a far galaxy, changed the plans of local enterpreneurs that wished to create a space post for the world. Despite that, having already invested in the project, they decided to change a few parts of the project to make it a selfsustained space station and home to refugees of Barrenar. That station is known as Barredrir Space Station.

The discoveries from the experiments on Zeus' Lightning changed battery and energy related technologies. Some have extrapolated that it has also advanced mortals understanding of the gods and their artifacts.

Alternative Names
The Bros War, Mightiest Storm, Storm War
Conflict Type
Ending Date
Almost 350 years ago

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