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Compound 3-Hermes

Built in Azem Sector, Compound 3-Hermes is located in middle-low level area. Not the most well designed or accessible building, the compound is formed by floors that connect four distinct towers. The rentable floors are categorized as Alpha - the lowest of the underground ones -, Beta - a few floors bellow city level -, Gamma - a ranging from the end of Beta to seven floors above city level -, and Delta at the final top floors. Since each of the four towers are also categorized in A to D naming, address in compound are two letters followed by a number, the first letter indicating the tower, the second letter acompained by the number identifying the floor.

It building plot also include surrounding land, which is fenced and is used as a parking lot for the few vehicles the residents have.

Recent Events

One of the apartments in the compound had its security breached three days prior to CS Babylon arriving at Barredrir. The automated security message alerted the ships crew, and when they docked at Barredrir they sent three of their crew members to investigate.

Upon arriving, the individuals assigned to the task found signs of foul play at the apartment floor: One of the corridor lamps was broken, with scorching marks on the ceiling, the floor and the apartment door panels had been tampered with, and finally: the apartment had been ransacked.

The owner and resident of the apartment, Xon, could not be found. His belongings have been turned and most were broken. Xon's pet, and only other resident of the apartment, Nemee was found in the kitchen and able to communicate with the crew members of CS Babylon.

Founding Date
Probably 50 or so year ago
Alternative Names
Compound 3H
Arcology / Residential Complex
Parent Location

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