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Nemee (They/her)

Loyal to her owner, Nemee is known by the underground of Barredrir just as well as her owner. Unfriendly, she has slashed and bitten more of Xon's patient than the doctor had in himself to count. Their above than average traits - strength, agility and even smarts - have turned Nemee in a exceptional guard pet.


Nemee's appeared at Xon's place shortly before he was born and has been attached to him for all his life. Her origin is still unknown, her long lifespan and above-average traits a mystery.

Current Status
Rescued by CS Babylon's crew
Current Location
Unknown (at least 49 years old)
Current Residence
Compound 3Hermes DD9
Reddish orange
Fluffy orange
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Orange fur, with a yellow patch around it's neck
21 inches
16 lbs

Mysterious Energy

A few attuned to divine energy have noticed that Nemee possess a strong divine bond. The strength of thise her energy can only be attributed to a physical bond to the divine (divine genetics, being a divine individual, or other direct connection).

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