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Letters from Sariel

A Letter to Elama (Undated)
Dear Mother,

I am entrusting this letter to a satyr, as I am still on the quest you asked of me. We came to an agreement, and he has pledged to not open this nor fail in his delivery. I presume you can imagine my end of the bargain.

You will be glad to know that I am proceeding apace on my journey, and I am at the outskirts of the Court of Coral. I am still getting used to the way the Feywild works, but I'm managing for now. I have to think carefully about everything I say, lest I accidentally strike a bargain with someone. In some respects, talking with a fey feels like making a bargain with a devil. No offence intended to you or the Summer Queen, of course.

I trust father is doing well, given how active he seemed to be. Valna told me she was going to challenge him to an archery competition while I was away, and I hope it was a sight to watch! You must tell me the details upon my return.

Last night, I tried summoning a greatsword. It felt strange, knowing how to wield it when I've never touched one before. Even though I've had this magic for some time now, I'm still getting used to it. You'll be glad to know my casting of mage armor has improved greatly, and it is reliably deflecting blows now. I hope you are not troubling yourself by worrying for me, as I am more than capable of completing this task without issue.

Much love from your daughter,

A letter from Sariel Liadon to Elama Liadon (undated) as she was away conducting a mission to the Court of Coral.

A Letter to Nathxena (21 Kythorn 1494)

I'm leaving this letter as I shall likely be out when you return. Last night, Daena overheard a merchant talking about a ship that went down not too far from the city. I spoke with him, and after some convincing, he has hired us to retrieve a small lockbox from the wreck. The payment is 500 dragons, and an extra hundred if we can bring it back within a tenday.

I know you don't like these oceanic ventures, but I really believe this can help us turn our finances around. If we go with Zelifarn, we can be in and out of the ship by lunch. That's a whole afternoon to relax on a beach by ourselves! And Zelifarn of course, but he can search the rest of the ship for treasure.

I know I could probably do this by myself, but I want to spend time with just the two of us. There is nobody I trust more on all of Toril to watch my back than you. Besides, Zelifarn can't fit his big dragon body into the ship!

If you don't want to go, I completely understand. If you do want to go, you can choose our next date. Anything you want, I'm yours.

A letter from Sariel Liadon to Nathxena Fey on 21 Kythorn 1494, left in The Bronze Dragon.

A Letter to Nathxena (Undated)

I'm making this note to remind you of the ball we are to attend tomorrow night. We'll be taking a carriage from the tavern (I'm paying!) to House Ulbrinter together. We will be among the few non-nobles there, so we need to make a good impression on the city's elite. As stuffy as they are, they pay our expenses.

Lady Haventree asked me to keep an eye out for anyone out of the ordinary, as she suspects drow spies from Bregan D'aerthe will be in attendence as well. If their leader is there, I think we could make a good impression with him as well. I hope you've practiced your flirting!

For the rest of the night, we just have to dance and look pretty, so it should be an easy time for us. I can't wait to see you in the beautiful dress you bought, and I hope you like mine too.

An undated letter from Sariel Liadon to Nathxena Fey, left in The Bronze Dragon.


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