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The Governor's Palace

Purpose / Function

The structure was build around the terminus, and houses the center of power on Everfall. It also contains the living space for the governor of Opus, and the meeting chambers for The Opus City Council .


The building has grown considerably since its initial construction. It has become tradition for each new Governor of Opus to leave their mark on the governor's palace through some new addition or renovation. The Terminus is enclosed at the very center of the structure in the tallest section of the building under a large dome.


The core of the structure is built in a Gothic style. Some of the additions, thought, are made using varying other architectural styles. Notably, the building is largely made from stone recovered at great expense from the ruins of The First City.


The structure was constructed soon after the time of the Scholars, but most records from that time have been destroyed or lost. Since then, the structure has gotten much larger. Defenses have been added, but no army has ever managed to breach the walls of Opus.
Alternative Names
The Pile
Parent Location
Included Locations
Owning Organization

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