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The Opus City Council


Each counselor is supposedly equal in power and regard. Things are very different in reality. The two main factions within the city counsel are the nobles, and the trade guilds. There are also sub factions within the two groups, and there is constant politicking and jockeying for power between the various nobles and guilds.

Public Agenda

As a whole, the body supposedly acts in the best interests of the people of Opus and the people of Everfall in general. They do prioritize the needs of their own city above those of others, and just due to proximity, the needs of the nearer cities are more likely to be accommodated.


The members of the Opus City Counsel consist of the majority of the wealthiest individuals in all of Everfall. The organization itself also has nearly bottomless coffers, and access to the militia of Opus, as well as any other resources that can be requisitioned from within the city of Opus itself.


The Counsel of Opus was established in the time of the Scholars to help administer the city that supported the first system seers. Many documents from that time have been lost or destroyed, but the original charter of the Counsel of Opus, which has become the Opus City Counsel remains in tact.


Though it has no official territory outside of Opus, The Opus City Counsel is in de facto control over all of Everfall.


The Opus Militia is a large force deployed all across Everfall to help deal with raids or bandits. There is also a large Garrison within the city of Opus

Foreign Relations

Though it doesn't technically own all of Everfall, the hand of the Opus City Counsel is felt in every region other than the dark decks. The Opus City Counsel is extremely domineering in any interaction with other governments.

Agriculture & Industry

Though the Opus City Counsel has no official industrial or agricultural capacity, it has access to any resources it can requisition from Opus, and it has the ability to take any agricultural resources it wants from anyone on Everfall.

Trade & Transport

Raw materials, food, and water enter Opus, and manufactured or artisan goods leave the city along the spine.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, City council
Head of State
Government System
Economic System
Opus' coinage is referred to as up coin. The platinum coins are printed with the face of the first scholar, the gold coins are printed with the face of the current governor of Opus, and the silver and copper coins are printed with the faces of past governors.
Major Exports
Opus exports primarily manufactured and artisan goods.
Major Imports
Opus needs to import almost everything that its people need to live.
Legislative Body
The Opus City Counsel is composed of the leaders of the trade guilds, and the heads of each noble house.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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