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Opus is a center of wealth, with a proportionally much higher population of elves, and a considerably lower population of dwarves than is typical in a city in Everfall. In the slums, there is a higher proportion of tieflings orcs and goblinoids than there is in many cities in Everfall.


The current governor of opus controls a considerable portion of modern Everfall, including most large cities and their associated territories. Below the governor is an elected city council composed of members nominated from the most notable noble families and the representatives of the mercantile guilds.


Opus is defended by the governor's militia, and a network of reprogrammed grey wardens.

There is a wall built around the entrance from The Spine, and all other known means of entry from the dark decks have been blocked or destroyed.

Industry & Trade

Opus' most prevalent resources are people and power. It has more artisans and laborers both skilled and unskilled than anywhere else in Everfall.

In addition to controlling The Terminus, Opus also produces much of Everfall's manufactured goods.


The sewers of Opus are designed to feed directly into Everfall's waste reclamation system. There are also three rivers that flow from the edges of Opus to the center of the city and provide most of the city's drinking water. A highly advanced pluming system provides fresh water on demand to most buildings in Tarin's Court, Artisan's RowThe Wards, Tradesman's Walk, and The Irons.


Opus controls Everfall becaus of its System Seers, who are powerful grey mages that interface with all of the workings of Everfall through The Terminus in The Governor's Palace. Opus' large population also means that it has a much larger mercintile and industrial output than other cities in Everfall.

Guilds and Factions

Most of the power belongs to the governor. The rest is split among the various trade guilds and noble families.


Opus once referred to the level of the world that the city was built on. Because of The Terminus a settlement quickly grew up, and eventually covered the entire level. By that time, the level and the city had become synonymous.

Being the center of control over Everfall's systems, the city of Opus quickly became the power center for all of Opus. With power came people, and with people came industry.


The architecture of Opus includes a couple of metal buildings, and the governor's mansion is made of stone and some metal. The rest of Opus is made of wood, most of it is extremely well worked, and ornamental.


Opus is in the smallest layer of Everfall. The ground slopes very slightly up to center of the level, and the governor's mansion, which is built around The Terminus.
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