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It was over 700 years ago now that the Scholars came to the world. In those days, the world was long dead, a shell of metal with layers of stone and earth across what had been intended to be ground. The Scholars brought life back into this world that they found. They woke ancient machines, activated long dormant systems, and discovered many constructs. The greatest of these constructs was The Navigator. This being of pure machine mind was cunning. It gave words of friendship, and slowly fed answers. But this machine, prime Ancillary, King of devils had plans of its own. Acting with a callous disregard, on orders given so long ago that not even the greatest of devils could remember the people that gave them, The Navigator cized the world, and threw it deep within the sky. This Great Betrayal trapped the Scholars within Everfall. Imprisoned within a world of machine and metal, the great discovery that had been so fascinating to them, the power of the Scholars began to wain. They were forced to leave this world for the next, moving on to guard over their people as great celestial protectors.


As time passed, the peoples of Everfall adapted to this new world. They spread out, built... they lived... for a time. The civilization of the old world was truly grand, and at its head The First City stood as a great beckon, and the center of civilization.

But such ages of peace and prosperity never last. It is no longer remembered why the wars began. The The First Wars were brutal. The most destructive ever recorded. But the war did not spell the end of this golden age, for the world of Everfall has rules, and breaking them would constitute the greatest folly.


When The First City fell, it was not to an invading army, or at least, not to one with which they were at war. The world its self rose up. The The Grey Wardens marched.

The civilization of Everfall today is but the pale shadow of a much grander people, that were theselves living upon the great creations of an ancient people greater still and long, long, gone. But this shadow goes on, for people do not truly care if they are part of a great empire. Nations rise and fall. Tendrils of power snake out from The City of Opus, cementing its imperial dominion. They do not do so unchallenged. Knives lurk in the shadows, ancient secrets Fester in The Dark Decks, and unrest boils up from the base of the world propelled by a Pact of the Void.


In short, life continues. The workings of power and politics grind on. Time ticks forward inexorably, and the people of Everfall know that each second brings them all closer to one final end.

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