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The Walls of Opus

Purpose / Function

The Walls of Opus are designed to give Opus the best defense in Everfall. Their purpose is symbolic as well as practical. Not only do they defend against anyone attempting to invade the city, but they also send the message that Opus can keep anyone out should they be inclined.


The walls have been added to and improved since their initial construction. As the power of Opus has grown, their imposing walls have become higher and sturdier.


The walls of Opus are constructed from strong wood, carved with symbols and iconography. Some arias of the walls have also been reinforced with sheets of metal, and towers have been built to overlook the ground at the foot of the walls.


The walls of Opus were constructed as the city continued to expand toward the spine. They were initially built during a period of upheaval in the centuries following The First Wars. The structure was initially built quickly, out of necessity. As the size and power of Opus continued to grow, the walls were rebuilt and reinforced several times. In the modern era, they have become an imposing symbol of power and controll.
Wall section
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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