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The Starlance Protectorate


The High Console acts as a head of state, supported and advised by The Rathros Counsel. Though they were once the leaders of the organization, The Starlances act more as legal enforcers and shock troops than anything else in the modern Starlance Protectorate.

Public Agenda

The Starlance Protectorate's rhetoric claims that its goal is to keep order and protect its citizens. It justifies its past expansionism as spreading its umbrella of protection to new peoples and places, though in practice, it greatly favors the Hydeaulica and particularly the Rathros portion of its small empire.


The Starlance Protectorate has access to the resources of The Port, Starside, and Rathros. This includes a lot of fish, potions and academical ingredients, as well as blacksmiths and healers.


The Starlance Protectorate was started by The Starlances soon after The Fall of the First City. It was established as a way to protect the peoples of Hydeaulica in the chaos following the destruction of the largest and most powerful city in Everfall. Over time, the mandate of the organization shifted. It became a thing prusuing its own interests, and further its existence, rather than the interests and the safety of its people. Eventually, the Starlance Protectorate began to speak of spreading the umbrella of its protection to The Port, and Starside. Once this had been done, the Starlance Protectorate turned its gaze upward. Its expansionist intentions ended with its attempt to annex Opus. This bloody conflict came to be known as The Upper War. With its end, the Starlance Protectorate was left as a subordinate power to that of Opus.

Demography and Population

In Hydeauilca, the population is mostly concentrated in Rathros. In Starside and The port, populations are also mostly concentrated in the cities, but it is probably a bit more despursed into the small towns of the region than in Hydeaulica. In all three levels under the control of the Starlance Protectorate, the population has been growing steadily since The First Wars. Though there was a small dip in population due to the Upper War, the trend of population growth does continue into the present.


The Starlance Protectorate currently holds Hydeaulica, Starside, and The Port. Hydeaulica is the nations original territory. The Port, and Starside were conquered a couple hundred years ago. They are still being assimilated into the empire.


The Glint Guard make up the backbone of the Starlance military. They are supported by the highly specialized, and extremely elite The Starlances.

Technological Level

The technology of the Starlance Protectorate is somewhat archaic when compared with, say, that of Opus. The sole area where the the Starlance Protectorate is an arcane and scientific authority is alchemy. Militarily, the soldiers of the Starlance Protectorate rely on superior training, and armament using on the technology that they do have.


The Starlance Protectorate is unified more by a philosophy than any religion. There is a very specific honor based tradition which unifies the Starlance Protectorate.

Foreign Relations

The Starlance Protectorate is subordinated to Opusl, which uses it as an enforcer to strong-arm the other nations of Everfall into line. The Starlance Protectorate is seen as a willing participant in the imperialistic expansion of The Opus City Council, but the relationship between the two powers is far from friendly, in fact, it would probably be best described as resentful.

Agriculture & Industry

The industry of the Starlance Protectorate is primarily based around metalworking. Specifically, the artisans of the Starlance Protectorate specialize in working with Iron and Steel.

Trade & Transport

A lot of the trade around the Starlance Protectorate relates to metalworking, with another large portion of its trade comprised of various food items.


Most of the Starlance Protectorate has a very low level of education. The exception to this comes from the alchemists of Rathros who are often very well educated in chemistry, anatomy, and arcana theory.


The bridges, roads, and ships of the Starlance Protectorate are kept very well maintained. Water is available in just about any city, town, or village of the Starlance Protectorate through verious means. The arcatecture of the Rathros and of the towns of The Misted Wilds channels water from the mists to be collected. The water of The Port and Starside is always kept potable by as of yet unknown means.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Protectorate
Alternative Names
The Uppers' Lapdog
Government System
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Starlance protectorate uses the same coinage as the rest of Everfall. Their platinum coins, known as consoles, are printed with the face of the current High Console . Their gold coins, known as lancers, are printed with traditional helms of the The Starlances. The silver coins are called glints, and are printed with the standard helm of The Glint Guard. Copper pieces, known as copper citizens are printed with a view of Rathros from above.
Major Exports
The Stralance Protectorate trades heavily in professionally done metal work, and advanced alchemical goods. They also trade in food stuffs, primarily fish from Lake Hethurin, The Port, and Starside. Finally, the Starlance Protectorate also trades some lumber up to Opus.
Major Imports
The Starlance Protectorate imports a lot of grain. They also import a pretty huge amount of raw, primarily from the lower decks.
Legislative Body
The Rathros Counsel and the bureaucracy that supports it is responsible for passing and enacting laws and policy.
Judicial Body
The High Console is the ultimate judicial authority. Along with their other responsibilities, the Starlances also act as high judges. Because the Starlances time is limited, they also nominate Deputies in towns and cities across The Starlance Protectorate to act as lower courts.
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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