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The First City

The Folly of The First Wars

"A beautiful place in it's time. It really was a shame what happened to it."    -The Wanderer


The peoples of The first city were very diverse. There were far more goblinoids, kobolds, gnolls, and orcs than in any modern city on Everfall.


It is said that The First Scholar was offered leadership of The First City, but she refused, instead she said that it should be ruled by the best of the people as decided by the people. Her son was the in charge of the city when it fell.


The First City had high walls made from great bricks of worked stone. It was defended by some of the most powerful mages, and the most skilled warriors.

Industry & Trade

The magic's of The Scholars allowed The First City to create foods, textiles, buildings materials, and manufactured goods to send all across the settlements of Everfall.


It is said that The First City was connected to all of the Everfall world systems. It had smooth rodes, great magics of the Schollars that allowed people to move great distances very quickly.


In The First City, food and clean water were abundant. The magic's of the scholars gave its people access to resources, some of which have been inaccessible ever since.


The First City was built by The Scholars using powerful magics. It was the center of power on Everfall, and played a pivotal role in the civilization of its time. When it fell, Civilization was crippled. It hasn't recovered.


The massive stone bricks and arches are wrought in a classical style. The city is full of gorgeous sculpture, and decorative columns. Ancient domes that once towered over the city have long since collapsed under their own weight. All is now overgrown with a thick layer of trees, and much has been swallowed by the pine forests.


The First City was built into one of the fridged gorges. Its power center was at the deepest point of the city, and the city stretched up along the walls of the gorge. The city walls were built at the highest points of the city.

Natural Resources

The ruins of The First City are surrounded by vast forests of pine. The city itself is made of stone that can be safely harvested, and its ancient streets are cloaked with the wrecks of thousands upon thousands of Hrey Wardens that were destroyed in the fall of the city.


Alternative Name(s)
The Great Tomb
Large city
Characters in Location

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