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The Terminus

The Governor's Iron Fist

Purpose / Function

The Terminus allows The System Seers of Opus to control the world systems of Everfall. Through it, The System Seers can adjust the pull of the ground, the weather in any given region, the density and composition of the air, as well as dozens of other things.

Control over The Terminus gives Opus a degree of leverage and control over all of Everfall (hence its alternate name The Governor's Iron Fist). The Terminus has considerably less capacity for control over the dark decks, which are said to have one or more minor Terminus' dedicated to them.


The walls are now blackened from generations of incense burning, and the rest of the room is cluttered with artefact, offerings, and layers upon layers of system fixes.


The architecture is originally done in the style of ancient Everfall Systemic structures. The lines of the structure are blunt and utilitarian, with a spongy material to cushion any possible impacts.


The Terminus is older than most structures on Everfall. It definitely predates the time of The Scholars. It's history up until that time is unknown, and many records dating back that far didn't survive The First Wars. Since that time, The Opus City Council and Governor of Opus have had control of the structure.
Alternative Names
The Governor's Iron Fist
Room, Ship, Bridge
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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