Inktober Writing Gauntlet 2019

Welcome, Worldbuilders, to WorldAnvil Inktober and the Writers' Gauntlet!  

For Artists

Inktober Inktober is an annual social media event for artists. Each year, a new series of prompts is put out and artists worldwide post their drawings for those prompts to social media.

Last year made our own promptset for artists, but after some feedback and consideration will be following the official list.

For Writers

The Gauntlet Each day we will be releasing a small writer's prompt related to the Inktober Prompt. Our challenge to you is to let that inspire you to write about something in your world befitting that prompt.

Use any template, though we'll provide some suggestions with every prompt!

Feel free to do them in any order, but on the WorldAnvil Discord and on social media we will be focusing on the prompt for each day on that day. Challenge yourself to do them on the day of! It's all about practicing and improving!  
And of course, if you're feeling ambitious, you can do both!
Why not write and illustrate an article using each prompt?


Will there be prizes? No, this is purely to get you involved in worldbuilding and to get your creative juices flowing! We just want to see what you make!

That said, there may be a sweet badge for those who participate... though we'll need you to comment all your work so we can track it!

If you don't comment, you don't count!
  Where do I submit work? Submit your work to social media, tagged with #Inktober2019, #InktoberWA and @WorldAnvil, on the discord, and find the related prompt below and add your submission to the comments there!   Can I only use Ink? Nope! Use whatever medium inspires you! Inks, writing, watercolor... even baked goods.
Send us some..
If you have any questions, comment below, poke us on social media, or join the Discord and @ the Crypt Keeper role with your question!   If you want to be kept in the loop of goings on, join the discord, go to the info-roles-and-channels channel, and join Gauntlet Ghoul.

Share your work!

Tag @WorldAnvil! with Inktober stuff!
  And make sure to tag #InktoberWA!  


Daily Prompt

Each day we will post a Writers' Gauntlet prompt to social media and Discord. Respond with drawings or writing (or both)!

Costume Contest

On October 25th, World Anvil's 2nd birthday, begins the costume contest! Come join the Discord and share pics of you in costume!

Wrap-up Stream

On November 2nd, we will hold a stream discussing the highlights of Inktober and the Gauntlet, and what's upcoming in November!

Click each to see the related article!

Articles under Inktober Writing Gauntlet 2019


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3 Oct, 2019 07:09

Do we have to do all the prompts within this month to get a badge?

3 Oct, 2019 16:02

Yes. I'll be verifying my list of people who completed it within the first week of November.

3 Oct, 2019 22:26

Gotchya. so to confirm, just past the article as a new comment each, and the deadline is the end of the first week in november since I don't have those social media accounts?

3 Oct, 2019 22:33

Also, do they have to be finished when they are commented on each prompts article?

3 Oct, 2019 23:04

You are correct on the deadline. They don't need to be completed! This is all in the spirit of getting people to have fun and worldbuild so I don't intend to dock points just because something is half-done; as far as I'm concerned that's the same as doing a sketch for Inktober instead of a fullblown drawing—you still did something!

3 Oct, 2019 23:23

aaa yay I was a bit worried for a sec there, thanks!

3 Oct, 2019 15:51

Where can we see badges? I still havent seen anything from Summer prompts

3 Oct, 2019 16:02

Summercamp badges are still pending. Now that the ceremony is over they should be pushing them out soon.   I haven't revealed the Inktober badge yet.

4 Oct, 2019 00:34

heyyy 'nother question! 1. What template would be best for a legal law? 2. Could the 'Item' template be used as a category of different items?

4 Oct, 2019 06:36

For legal law I'd do it either as the document which outlined it or treat it as a tradition/ritual that society observes.   I believe you can create one item and then set it as the classification of another, yes.

5 Oct, 2019 13:01

Hi, quick question. I'm creating a generic article for the event as a way to have all the articles in the same place, and I was wondering if I can use the same cover you have in this one, and, if so, who should I credit in the image. Thanks!

6 Oct, 2019 00:12

I really appreciate that you asked, and that you reminded me to add credits! The cover was made by TJ Trewin and the Inktober text by Jake Parker and you may use it!

7 Oct, 2019 04:29

I know I'm annoying, but: Is there a set time that the prompts are posted each day?

7 Oct, 2019 08:03

They're posted to social media and the discord every day at 5 PST!   I am slow to add the link to this article because I'm not awake at that time...and because I can be a little scatter brained ^ _^;.   Someone else publishes the article to post to discord and the twitter component is automated.

7 Oct, 2019 08:05

Also if it's not linked here you can search the world for the day's prompt word and if it's been published it will appear in the search!

12 Oct, 2019 23:28

If I'm submitting art and an image is NSFW (like mild nudity, nothing gratuitous or tasteless) what should I do? Would using a spoiler tag work (idk if that works in comments I've never tried)

13 Oct, 2019 07:11

I suggest something like:   "Here's my entry, it's got mild nudity so [url=link here]here[/url] is my entry!"   That way I see it in the comments and can verify it for the inktober badge!   I'm not too worried about it either way. Linking the article you add it to, if you do, also works.

14 Oct, 2019 21:06

Is there a general area (other than twitter) to get the other prompts?

15 Oct, 2019 09:13

A few!

  1. Over on the Discord community
  2. By checking the Inktober tag on here
  3. By searching this Codex for the name of each prompt each day!
Sorry for how sporadically this page gets updated! The articles are published each day but the main thrust has been on Discord and Twitter so this page ends up getting a bit neglected in the chaos.

17 Oct, 2019 15:02

Uh... there are two day 13s?

17 Oct, 2019 16:48

Oopsie, fixed!