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Perdurian GeneBoosting

Perdurian Boosters are the Federation variant of the practice of GeneBoosting. It is a process of injecting newborn infants with the first stages of GeneBoosting, in preparation of work life and to accelerate their development.

The process is incredibly controversial, and has become one of the most repeated-on talking points in Anti-Federation propaganda.


Yeah, it ain't great that Humans gotta get stamped, you know? But we gotta be able to keep up with the Sazashi, I guess. Not sure why it's just us and not the Verin, though. I've never gotten a great answer there.

But it's not all that bad. I've met some of those featherweight humans from the Somnacy and, you know what, I can see why you'd want to juice us up a bit. If being from Eden means that you're a squishy little thing with hands that ain't seen a day of work, then I'm even more proud to be Perdurian.


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Labor Marks

Many labor jobs require a Labor Mark. Labor Marks are tattoos which fade over five years; they are only granted only to those who pass strenuous fitness requirements.

Although humans are the most frequent applicants, few get Marks without Boosters.


Human children are given two boosters. The first is chosen by the most wealthy parent, though the cost is free if they choose a Boost which mirrors one of their own. The second is offered by the Federation based on its projections for its needs in the near future, with other options being more expensive.

This process is criticized by outsiders for pushing humans, which are traditionally poor, towards labor, colonization, and military rather than academics or the arts. Most Fed humans shrug their shoulders at the sentiment, and are happy to remind outsiders that "there's a lot more good stuff going on with labor and colonization right now, and I'd sure like to have a piece of that pie!"

My father got the Regen Booster, and his father before him, and his father before him. So you, Bartholomew IV, shall get it too, I want you to also have the muscle growth booster, as all first sons in our family have.


Don't accept the boosters! Don't accept the vaccines! It's all mind control! Humans aren't meant to be on Perduro, we're meant to be on Eden, to feel the soil of her soil under our feet and the warmth of her sun on our face!

It's all just poison that they are putting into us. We are already stronger than you realize, and faster and smarter as well. The Humans of Eden make us look frail by comparison, and are so much longer lived! Wake up, wake up!

— A Staunch Luddite

There is a growing resistence movement within the Federation to change the process behind the Booster. It's still at an early enough stage that it has yet to truly unify it's message, and so there are internal divisions based on personal stance.

A majority would like to see the Federation adopt a system closer to the Pact, which does a Booster chosen from one of the parent's selection at fifteen, and one of the recipients at age eighteen.

Some would like to see something closer to the Syndicate, which merely incentivizes it for humans with free vouchers, and which allows humans to choose which boosters they would like at 13 and 24.

A minority would like to abolish the practice altogether. Many of these also believe the vaccines are a part of it, and so suffer a higher mortality rate as a result.

Boosting children, let alone humans before they're old enough to make the choice for themselves is a total breach of agency.

This isn't empowerment. It's the newest face of eugenics.


Author's Notes

Disclaimer: In case it has to be said, EthnisStudio is ProVax. If that is a radical statement, unfollow us, close the tab, and go your own way.

This is a part of the Birth Rites flash challenge.

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