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Caelus Flower

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The caelus flower is a species unique to Starhome, having evolved after the station was created and contact with the planet was severed. Where many of the plants that were brought up did undergo some significant genetic changes to allow for life in the unique habitat of Starhome, the caelus flower is one of very few species that were able to adapt on their own. The species is able to survive nightside of the station, with near-zero oxygen, and is one of very few plant species growing there.

Basic Information


The caelus flower is a small dark blue flower with five to seven rounded petals, with light blue-green stems and sepals. The inner portions of the flower are a dusty white, and when it releases pollen, the specks of white dust on the blue petals appears somewhat like stars in a night sky. The flower grows on long vines, with tiny hairs covering them allowing them to attach to buildings or any available ground or land. This is what allows the plant to find purchase in the low-gravity and low-atmosphere nightside of Starhome. The plant has a slight, pulsing glow to it, which a visual effect caused by the species' modified form of photosynthesis. The plant's access to sunlight can be incredibly variable, as it can be facing the unprotected sun directly, have the artificial sunlight of the dayside, or only have the reflected sunlight coming from the planet, it needs to manage its intake of photons.

Genetics and Reproduction

Due to the environment that it has adapted to grow in, the caelus flower reproduces very differently from other flower species. Its pistil and stamen, the pollen and ovule producing parts of the flower, are much closer together and shorter inside of the centre of the flower. It is thus able to self-pollinate, to create tiny "buds" that are the plant's offspring. Every few years, a caelus flower will release a few of these buds that will then drift in the low-gravity environment until they find purchase and can begin to grow.

Sensory Capabilities

The caelus flower produces a much more noticeable Aura than most plant species, and there is some debate as to the evolutionary advantage of this. The most popular theory by far is that the plant can sense interference with its Aura, allowing it to "feel" its surroundings. However, the less popular but more likely theory, held by most modern scientiests, is that the Auras allow the plant to protect itself from the harsh atmosphere.
Caelus Flower by notahumanhand
Genetic Ancestor(s)
10 years
Conservation Status
Protected due to cultural significance
Geographic Distribution

Symbolism of the Caelus

To the starfolk, the plant symbolizes adaptability, stalwartness, and resolution. In addition, it is a symbol of scientific advancement paired with the chaos of nature, which is, to many of its residents, what starhome stands for. As such, the caelus flower appears on many seals and symbols of starhome.


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