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Starhome is a city located just outside of the atmosphere of Etharai, in low orbit around the planet. It was sent into space almost a millenia ago, and while it had been planned to return around a century ago, the people living on the station decided that they wanted to remain in orbit instead of returning.
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Starhome is a disk-like structure, with an interior artifical gravity generator, and buildings located on both sides of the disk. Elevators travel between the two sides, though using them can cause motion sickness for some, if they are not used to the sensation of the flipping gravity.
There is a clear dome on one side of the disk, inside of which an Etharai-like climate is maintained with carefully-developed technology. The other side is seemingly open to space, but an artificial atmosphere is contained in a similar dome-like shape. The indoor side of the disk always has the appearance of daytime, while the outdoor side of the dome maintains the appearance of nighttime.
The architecture on each sides of this disk are very different. Glass ceilings and walls, along with tall buildings, are very popular on the nightside, but on the dayside, smaller wooden buildings that look more like traditional houses are preferred. The dayside has a lot of plant life growing on it, which is cultivated by the people who live there, and the nightside has a more mechanical appearance.
Due to the orbit of the station, the two different sides are able to see Etharai at different times. orbital eclipses occur when the planet of Etharai entirely blocks the sun, casting the entire station into darkness. The station is not large enough to cause eclipses on the surface of Etharai.


There is a wide variety of people and species that live in Starhome, as many different people volunteered to be a part of the original mission. Angels are particularly common, as are peiktari. Fthastyr are surprisingly common, as well, and there are a few qelka present on the station as well. There are some (though very few) kuuyikar. Due to the amount of time these species have spent living in close proximity, they have begun to share their cultures, with the culture of Starhome being much of a melting pot, with species adopting each other's tradtions. Starfolk are the people who live in Starhome, a people united by their differences. This ethnicity can, however, be separated into the fairly distinct dayfolk and nightfolk, based on the side of the disk one resides.


Starhome has two distinct government systems for each side of the disk.
On the dayside, the members of a council government are chosen by a larger group of people representing each small section of the disk. These council members represent environment, culture, space allotment, and technology.
On the nightside, the government is somewhat of a technocracy, with inventors and scientests running their side of the station. In order to qualify to be voted as the nightside's president, you must have a scientific education and be published.


There is little communication with Etharai from Starhome currently, though it is still possible. An antennae exists on the nightside that, when facing the planet, can send a signal strong enough to reach the closest points on the planet. This feature is not often used, but it is still maintained in case it becomes necessary.

Trade & Relations

Both sides of Skyhome rely on one another for different things. The dayside is responsible for the majority of food production, as well as the production of most other organic materials. The nightside produces a lot of the technology and research that the station relies on in order to run. For both sides to maintain a good quality of life, they must trade these products with one another.
However, there is some tensions between the people of the nightside and the dayside. The dayside people do not like the lack of plant life on the nightside, and think of the nightfolk as creul and uncaring. The nightfolk think of the dayside people as happy-go-lucky people who don't want to do important work for mainting the station, yet are ungrateful for the nightside's efforts.


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