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Angels are a sapient species of people living high up in the clouds, on dewdrop peaks. They are somewhat absentminded, always focused on whatever topics that their brain flits between, which happens almost as often as they flit between islands.

Basic Information


Angels stand at around 1-2 feet tall - though, typically, they don't actually stand, instead choosing to hover slightly off of the ground. Angles have bright pastel coloured skin, with shimmery, translucent, neon-coloured wings. They have long ears when compared to the rest of their head.
Angels are adapted to be able to survive with little oxygen, suited for survival in high altitudes like their homelands. When going significantly lower in altitude, they are prone to oxygen sickness, as the amount of oxygen they are exposed to becomes too much for them to handle.

Genetics and Reproduction

Angels bloom from flowers, which they take after their appearance from. They spend around 3-4 months blooming, after which they are born. They are highly independent, even from birth. When an angel reaches puberty, they begin to produce lyathos powder, a byproduct of their overexposure to the material. When enough of this powder lands on a flowering plant, that plant will begin to grow into an angel genetically similar to the one whose powder pollinated the flower.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Angels are neither incredibly intelligent nor unintelligent; they often are lost in thought, or they flit between topics as fast as they dart between locations. They enjoy crafting, as these crafts serve to ground them and give them a sense of connection to the world. They make threads to knit or crochet with from wispgrass, which creates a soft and comfortable yarn known as wispyarn.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Angel names are split into one-syllable morphemes, and grow as the angels age. For any major trial or accomplishment the angel experiences in their lifetime, they recieve another sylable added to their name. Angels with long names are highly respected in their culture, though ones with short names are seen as still learning and never looked down upon.

Common Name Syllables


Beauty Ideals

Angels will often decorate their hair with tinsel and glitter, to give it a sparkly and colourful appearance. They like to wear lose, layered clothing, often handmade by the angel wearing it - their clothing is a source of pride, to them. They enjoy hoods on their clothing, and colourful patterns. They will often use makeup, especially of the sparkly, shiny, and glitter variety - to illuminate and enhance their facial features.
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120-150 yrs.
Average Height
1-2 ft.
Geographic Distribution
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Angels: A Genderless Species

Angels do not have a concept of gender, and they do not understand other cultures' ideas of gender. When an angel learns a different language, they will often arbitrarily pick a different gendered pronoun every time they need to use one, or just decide on a favourite gendered or ungendered pronoun and use it for everyone.


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