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Wispgrass is an exceptionally soft species of grass that can be found in the dewdrop peaks. Known for its fluffiness and thin blades, it is found almost everywhere in its biome, and is not at all picky about where it grows. It is used to craft wispyarn, a not very long-lasting material used in various angel fashions.
Geographic Distribution


Wispgrass is a soft light blue-green colour, though it is more blue than green. Its blades are soft with a slight fuzz to them, and are incredibly thin and fairly short. They grow to around an inch tall, and usually no taller. Despite this thinness, the grass is one of the stronger plant fibres that can be found in the dewdrop peaks. Its roots do not grow very deep, as it often does not have sufficient soil to do so. The species can even grow on rock and stone.

Uses & Byproducts

Wispgrass's primary use is for wispyarn, a strong and soft material that is used in the popular angel hobby of crochet. It is also used by the Suncursed in animal feed for their farm animals. It is technically edible, and can be used in food, though its texture makes it an unpopular dining choice. Its taste is also not particularly pleasant, tasting like watery dirt. The species is also occasionally used for bedding.

Ecology & Habitat

Wispgrass is eaten by a multitude of herbivores in the dewdrop peaks. It is reliant on the intense sunlight of its high altitudes for light, and though it could be brought down to lower biomes, it would not fare particularly well. Though the species is known for its hardiness, this is really only in its home habitat. Growing elsewhere, it becomes weak, short, and nowhere near as soft.


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