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The Suncursed are a sub-species of angels, the primary distinctions their cracked, burnt skin and that they lack wings. It is said that they are descendants of angels who sought to defy the worldmothers, who were so arrogant that they thought they could touch the stars. Now confined to the shadows, the Suncursed have turned to technology to help them regain what they have lost.
Few have heard of the Suncursed, and those that have tend to have a low opinion of them. Their lifestyles do not lend themselves to meeting outsiders, and so these ideas are only reinforced over time.

Basic Information


Suncursed tend to be pale-skinned, due to their lack of exposure to the sun, enforced by their skin's sensitivity to UV rays. Parts of their skin - most commonly their shoulders, backs, hips, and knees - have an appearance similar to that of charred wood. Across their skin are yellow and orange cracks seeping light, pulsing with the individual's heartbeat. The cracks are a source of constant pain with every heartbeat, and get worse when exposed to light. A Suncursed who spends too much time in the sunlight will develop sunbleed, as these cracks slowly open. Suncursed do not have hair on any part of their bodies. Their blood is warmer than most, with high internal body temperatures compared to other sapient species. This blood is a yellow/orange colour, with a slight glow to it.

Ecology and Habitats

Because the Suncursed cannot be exposed to the sun for long, they make their homes and communities on the undersides of the floating islands, digging into the rock and creating caves and tunnels. They are still susceptible to oxygen sickness, so cannot go to the surface of Etharai, though the wandering tunnels would be a much more suitable habitat for them if they could. The detached nature of the islands of the peaks combined with the Suncursed's limited travel ability makes their lives incredibly difficult and risky, even without factoring in the islands' tendencies to crash into one another.
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Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution

Civilization and Culture


In both angel and Suncursed folklore, the origin of the Suncursed were a handful of angels (the specific number varies per retelling, and ranges from two to a dozen) who decided that they would not be fettered by the worldmother's domain. They wanted to fly among the stars, unbound by gravity and the world. However, as they flew upwards, the light from the sun became much more direct and unbearably hot. Their skin began to burn, and their wings melted off. As they fell back down to land, their blood boiled and changed them into the Suncursed. Because they had attempted to defy nature, they would lose the blessings that nature had given them. Now confined to the shadows, the Suncursed would have to find a way to live without their blood boiling them alive. Long after their beginning, the Suncursed have since turned towards technology to aid in their safety and prosperity, and are much more grounded than the angels.
History held in Blood
The story of the Suncursed's origin, passed down through oral tradition, is not entirely false, though it is not fully factual either. In reality, the Suncursed's unique condition is a genetic one that was triggered by their exposure to UV rays in high quantities. It is recessive, but the angels do not want anything to do with the Suncursed, so this has not been discovered.

Naming Traditions

The Suncursed's naming traditions have deviated greatly from those of the angels. They prefer names of nouns, typically ones relating to emotion or ideal. A Suncursed may be named something akin to "Grace", "Hope", "Discovery", or "Flair".

Technological Advancements & Capabilities

The Suncursed have delved into technology to a degree greater than most other communities on the planet, distrustful of the magic that many others rely on. Most Suncursed go their entire lifetimes without ever learning magic at all, and some even believe that the Suncursed have lost their connection to the planet's bloodlines entirely. Still, their technological advancements more than make up for this loss, and they are capable of similar feats solely through science.


Aerielis is the most popular type of tech-wings, allowing for flight without being too cumbersome or heavy. They use a series of hollow metal "bones" with a mesh-like fabric between that interacts with and shifts air currents around it to maintain elevation with minimal input from the user.

Collision-Repellent Shields

Most Suncursed settlements make use of a collision-repellent shield around their island to ensure that nearby islands do not crash into their home. This assuages worries that the Suncursed will lose their shelter mid-day and be suddenly falling and exposed to sunlight, a lethal combination.

Blood Coolant

Blood coolant is used as a treatment for sunbleed, which can reduce its effects over time and allow an afflicted Suncursed to live in moderately less pain. It is a life-saving treatment, though not yet fully a cure, and is available in nearly every Suncursed community.

The Suncursed and the Angels

Though the Suncursed are the direct descendents of the angels, the angels will vehemently deny this. Suncursed are stationary, technologically-minded, and rooted, everything that an angel is not. The angels believe the Suncursed to be cruel, and consider them heathens punished for their actions against nature. To them, the Suncursed have learned nothing from this, as they continue to spit in the name of natural order with their 'technology'. The Suncursed tend stay away from angels because of these views, not wishing to be looked down upon. This has a side effect of dissuading outsiders from visiting them, which is only made worse by the angels spreading rumours that the Suncursed are brutal and wicket savages, not to be messed with. However, the opposite is true: the Suncursed are much more welcoming and hospitable to (kind) outsiders than the angels are.
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Fashion & Cultural Dress

The Suncursed prefer baggy and loose clothing, as clothing that makes direct contact with their skin can be painful. Almost every Suncursed has one or more umbrellas or parasols, which they tend to carry with them. These parasols act as a last-resort defense against sunlight, able to shield them in a pinch should the need arise and buy them enough time to get back to shelter. These have also become an accessory, woven with different colours, patterns, and textures.
Many Suncursed like to wear headdresses or other head adornments, which can be folded in a variety of different patterns, ranging from simple and plain to intricate and showy. Some are purely headwraps, while others extend down to cover the shoulders as well. These fabrics are likewise decorated in patterns and colours to the wearer's individual tastes.
Another popular element of clothing to the Suncursed are capes - specifically, a style of cape composed of two thin one-sided capes draped from the shoulder and connected at the mid-back. These capes are meant to resemble wings, and are often made of translucent or reflective material.


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