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Wispyarn is a type of yarn made from the wispgrass growing in the dewdrop peaks. It is a highly coveted material for both its strength and softness, and is used to create clothing.


Material Characteristics

Wispyarn has a cloudlike softness, and is often regarded as one of the nicest materials that one can touch. In its natural state, it is a pastel teal colour, but it can be dyed to take on other colours, which it absorbs well. It reacts to natural dyes better than artificial ones, though either can change its colour. However, artificial/chemical dyes will cause the yarn to become a bit more rough.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Wispyarn, similarly to wispgrass, smells faintly of baked goods. The smell is less prominent in the wispyarn, but still noticeably present. This smell is believed to be a byproduct of the chemical reactions ocurring as the plant tries to absorb moisture from the air, which it will continue to do even far after it has been removed from the ground and is no longer growing.

Life & Expiration

Unfortunately, wispyarn does not stay in very good shape for long. Too much time spent wearing it will result in it losing its volume, becoming stringy, and starting to pull apart. To the angels that use it, this is a bonus, as it means that they are able to create more clothing once their old ones start to lose their quality. However, it's not very prominent outside of their home in the sky.
Similar to baked goods
Dry, tasteless
Light blue-green pastel
Related Locations
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Wispyarn Crochet: An Angellic Hobby

Many angels enjoy crocheting or knitting, which they will mostly do with wispyarn, as it is the only type of yarn commonly available to them. As such, the wispyarn and the products made from it hold a cultural significance to the angels.


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Dec 5, 2023 17:12 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Aww, I would be sad if my hard work started to fall apart, but I love that the angels embrace it as an opportunity to make MORE clothes. :D

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