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Lyathos Powder

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Lyathos powder is a crystalline powder produced by angels and other flying cloud-dwelling creatures. It aids them in their flight, giving some lift as well as increasing their speed as they fly. When collected, this dust can have some technological applications.


Material Characteristics

Lyathos powder is a glittery blueish-white glitter-like dust. It is a very fine dust, with an individual particle less than half a millimetre across. It is incredibly light, and in very small quanitites somewhat unnoticeable, but larger quantities can quickly accrue, giving the surface they are on a sparkly appearance. The powder will stick to other objects, but not itself.

Physical & Chemical Properties

A surface completely covered in lyathos powder will float lightly off the ground, the height it goes before resting depending on the ratio of mass to surface area. Higher mass objects with a smaller surface area with float lower than smaller mass objects with a larger surface area.
The powder can also be used to increase the speed of something that is already flying, with the same surface area and mass rules as with floating.

Origin & Source

Lyathos powder is produced by creatures living in the dewdrop peaks, particularly angels. It is a byproduct of unintentional consumption of and exposure to lyathos, a crystal that is repelled by gravity.

Life & Expiration

Unlike its crystalline form, lyathos powder loses its properties after a short while. Typically 10-20 days after its creation, the powder begins to weaken, before eventually melting and no longer working.


While the most prominent use of lyathos powder is for the reproductive cycle of angels, it has some applications in research and technology. It is more versative than the crystals, but it also does not last for nearly as long.
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