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Qelk (/kɛlk/, /'kɛlk.ə/)

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Qelka are a less common sapient species on Etharai. They are highly magically talented, but have a reputation for being careless with their magic.

Basic Information


Qelka are an avian species, with bright coloured feathers that they like to display proudly. They stand at around 4 feet tall, with an often hunched-over stature. They are the largest of any bird-like species on Etharai, and are not actually capable of flight due to their size. However, larger and more colourful wings are highly preferred within Qelk beauty standards.

Genetics and Reproduction

Qelka reproduce sexually, with females of the species laying eggs and males of the species fertilizing them. Qelka tend to have an average of three children in their lifetimes, and play a large role in the upbringing of their children, who often stay with their parents as long as possible.

Ecology and Habitats

Qelka prefer forest environments, being themselves native to megaforests. They have historically made their homes high on the sturdiest tree branches, but many forests don't have large enough trees to support these homes. Some Qelka have taken to living in driftboats instead, but many do not like the non-stationary nature of such homes. Others try to anchor their driftboats to one specific location, but this becomes an issue at any surges of Auras, as their anchor can break and send them drifting again at too much tension.
For this purpose, the use of sunkenweed rope for actual, physical, achors for these driftboats has gained some traction among Qelk communities.


Qelka are known as a fun-loving, partygoing, and careless species. This stereotype is not fully accurate, but it is not entirely baseless either. Part of many Qelk's beliefs is that life is meant to be lived, and nothing should be taken too seriously. They believe that life is too short to spend time stressing about things - and seeing as they have one of the shortest lifespans of the sapient species of Etharai, this belief does do them some good.
Many Qelka are known for playing pranks on others, both members of their species and others. Some species appreciate these pranks much less than others, and do their best to avoid all Qelka they meet, which often only leads to them becoming a higher-priority target for pranks.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Qelka are highly intelligent, though they are not often seen as such by other species. Qelka are often discouraged from going into scientific fields, as their communities often see those fields as frivolous, and the species that would be teaching and hiring them see the Qelka as careless.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Qelka tend to use short names, typically one syllable long. These are often shortened versions of Qelkan words. Some examples of Qelk names are: Dokk, Rik, Tak, Dott, Zeg, and Polk. Qelk names are gender neutral, with few exceptions.
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Average Height
4 ft.

Parties and the Qelk

It is well-known that Qelka are a species that absolutely love parties. This bleeds into every aspect of their lives. For a Qelk, this means that nearly every aspect of their lives are seen as excuses to throw parties. They throw parties after every major and minor life event, and will throw parties for things like the rain ending, or even just the sun setting.


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