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Desert Sunlily

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The desert sunlily is a parasitic flower that attaches to the roots of other plants and collects their nutrients. Found in the arid plains, this species is incapable of processing the nutrients in its soil properly, so has instead evolved to draw from alternate sources. Its presence does not outright kill other species, though it does greatly hinder the growth and health of its host plant.


The roots of the desert sunlily have evolved to latch onto other things, wrapping themselves around the roots of nearby plants and attaching spine-like hairs into their source of food. Their roots are a dark brown colour, and spread out across the surface of the sand around the plant before extending downwards. Plants that have been alive longer have roots that have spread out further, able to draw from more than one source. The older that a desert sunlily is, the less likely it is to die from malnutrition or blight, as a younger plant with fewer sources of food might. The flower itself is a bright and somewhat light-reflective orange colour, the vibrance corresponding to how well-fed the plant is. A plant that is struggling to survive and malnourished is more yellow and pale in colour, though a plant that is overfed has a deep reddish hue to it.

Uses & Byproducts

The desert sunlily is harvested and used by the apollans, as its petals produce a mild hallucinogenic that, while not having an effect on most other species, enhances the visions that an apollan experiences. Paste made from ground petals of the desert sunlily are consumed in a few different cultural rituals of the apollans. The taste of this paste is foul and pungent, and not appetizing to outsiders at all. The roots of the plant can also be fermented to create an alchohol which is recreationally consumed by the apollans.
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