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Koljorn is a large, frozen country almost entirely geographically severed from the rest of Estia. The vast majority of it's citizens reside in the southern parts of the country, or along the coastline, leaving large swaths of mountainous tundra relatively untouched in the center and northern areas.   Koljorn is less a formal country and more a alliance of tribes who claim and defend the territory from outside threats. There is no single leader or formal government, but rather any leader of the allied settlements may call upon the other settlements to defend against or attack a threat.  

Origins & History

Koljorn comes from the local common tongue Närgon. Kol meaning never or nonexistant and Jorn meaning farm, the region's name aptly describes its geography as a rocky tundra. Researchers believe this is a more modern-era name though as ruins found in the region point to the possibility that Koljorn was not always such a cold, desolate place.   The ancient history of Koljorn is still very much shrouded in mystery. The harsh weather, and territorial nature of it's inhabitants make excavations and examinations of ancient ruins nearly impossible. Most of what is known about the region from ancient times comes from manuscripts and stories about Koljorn from outside the region, which describe several diverse nations of military minded peoples including a heavy presence of Dwarves within the mountain ranges. There is also a lot of evidence and references to artifacts in the region, many described as powerful, most of which have never been recovered. One of the biggest mysteries is how these ancient nations fell given their strong military      


The settlements in Koljorn tend to reject copper as a currency. Some have speculated that this is due to the overwhelming amount of copper available in the mountains (they have their own, they don't need yours). However there is documented disagreement with this theory from local traditions. A popular folks tale in the region features a wealthy character loaded with coin who died because he did not have the food or clothing to survive. The moral of the tale being that survival is more important than money, and as such commoners in the region prefer bartering for goods over the use of common coin.


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Koljorn has no official currency, however most settlements will take gold, silver or will barter for other goods. Coins of lesser value such as copper are not often accepted.


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