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Ëlbjonkal (el-BYON-kale)

Ëlbjonkal is located at the tip of the southern most peninsula in Koljorn. While most settlements in Koljorn thrive on trading, Ëlbjonkal is one of only a few that often trade with outsiders and is one of the largest settlements in Koljorn as a result. The city boasts an artificial bay and layers of defenses to dissuade pirates and the wandering iceberg to help facilitate it's sea port trading but otherwise the city has no real architectural wonders. The inner-most part of the city is surrounded by a thick wooden wall built by driving entire tree logs into the ground with only a single gate. The majority of the city's buildings are also made from tinder, standing 1-2 stories high.

  Most of the southern part of the city is made up of massive market squares where one can find any sort of northern wonder, salted meat of many animals, a hundred types of sea weed and imported grains, beer and spices.


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