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Calendar of Oriax

The Calendar of Oriax is the agreed-upon calendar that remains the basis for all calendars used by most Erenel cultures. In the Calendar of Oriax, a week consists of 7 days, each named after a combination of a significant star constellation and the Eternal Languages word for day.
Days of the Week
Day of the Week Constellation
Anarya Great Tree
Manarya Crown of Antlers
Tanarya Clinched Fist
Wanarya War Hammer
Thanarya Mask of Three Eyes
Fanarya Lightning Bolt
Sulnarya Eol the Starheart
Months are measured from the new year's arrival, which falls on the same day as the Great Sacrifice. There are 12 months in each year with a full year consisting of 365 days. When preparing the Calendar, Oriax skillfully included great scholars and mages in the names of the months, ending each name with a distinction for the season.

Additional Information

When telling the date you say the day first followed by the month and year. For example; the 12th of Rendilar, 371 or Thanarya the 12th of Nassori, 523.   Erenel’s only moon, Luniwyn, makes one full rotation every 16 days. There are two known Eras; Era of the Architects (EotA) and Era of Inner Flame (EoIF).   The current era EoIF represents the ambitious emergence of the mortal races as they look to carve their path in a new world.   There is no year zero. For example, the last year of EotA is the year -1 and the first year of EoIF is 1.
Name of Month Season Named After Holidays
Rendilar Winter Rendilar the Redeemed Dawning, Nulltide
Quendilar Winter Liu Quen
Issori Spring Issori Thel'Radesh Spring Equinox
Nassori Spring Nass Stormwright Seeds of Grandeur
Elori Spring Elori Alabaster Fortune's Fair
Poruls Summer Por'hart the Silver Tongue Festival of the Word, Roar's Remembrance (Summer Solstice)
Claruls Summer Clara Kizmet Night of the Lost
Avuls Summer Avul Rosa the Scourge Bane Sworday
Belthus Autumn Lord Warden Belvath Autumn Equinox, Day of Purged Falsehood
Gwirus Autumn Gwaeron Darmon Harvest Festival
Lothus Autumn Lothar Caldreth
Eol Winter Eol the Starheart Kinfire (Winter Solstice), Three Tears

Major Holidays

A relief from the dangers of daily life, Erenel is a world filled with holidays and festivals. The most notable of which are presented below.


The first day of a new year is also the holy day of Al'Madoon, the Architect and yearly anniversary of the Great Sacrifice.


A holiday of great importance for followers of Luniwyn, the Silver Maiden. Nulltide is held on the first full moon of the new year and is believed to be when The Null floating in the Nothingness are most agitated. Celebration of this holiday involves spending the day in isolated silence with minimal activity to not bring upon their gaze, allowing Luniwyn a well-needed rest.

Seeds of Grandeur

On the first day of the planting season, Seeds of Grandeur thanks Aymara the Foremother and life's renewal in the coming crops. Farming communities gather in preparation for the event, asking the Foremother to bless the forthcoming planting.

Fortune's Fair

Representing the unity between Kalator, Father of the Forge and Kav'wa, the Bard Prince, Fortunes Fair is a day of artistic expression. Here, bards compete in composition contests of drama, comedy, singing and dancing. Artistically savvy crafters show off their skills and sell wares to travelers from across the land.

Festival of the Word/Roar's Remembrance

Leading up to Summer Solstice, the three-day Festival of the Word marks a celebration of Rezmir, of Light and Law and his defense of Erenel against the Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf.   On the first day, the faithful listen to sermons of the First Law before ending in a great feast. On the second day, the faithful listen to sermons of the Second Law and again end the day in a great fast. On the third day, the faithful listen to sermons of the Third Law before spending the rest of the day giving penance and fasting. This penance and fasting last through the third day and the following day, Roar's Remembrance.   Roar's Remembrance is held on the Summer Solstice as the longest day of the year marks the light of Rezmir crashing down upon the darkness and sending it to the Below.

Night of the Lost

Often celebrated in the peak of summer, this festival is a jovial celebration with Ianna, Matron of Ravens. The Night of the Lost provides an evening for the living to come together and remember the loved ones they have lost. Local temples will host vigils and offer space for anyone that wishes to use it. Since this festival is intentionally public, it often involves food, drink, and storytelling. Offerings are given in hopes the Matron of Ravens will persuade Bedoma, the Deliverer to pass favorable judgment on themselves and their loved ones when their time comes.


Shortened from Sword Day, Sworday pays homage to Ødger, the Storm Claw and those fallen honorably in battle. After a morning of tales dedicated to the bravery of the deceased, gladiatorial competitions begin, lasting well into the night. The last remaining gladiator is awarded an ornate sword or comparable weapon crafted in the likeness of the region's culture.

Day of Purged Falsehood

During the Day of Purged Falsehood, faithful of Oriax, the Watcher honor scholars for their contributions to society. The day is filled with feasts, lectures and celebrations of the written word as universities band together across neighboring nations in search of giving scholarships to worthy individuals.

Harvest Festival

This three-day festival gives thanks to Asanna, the Blazing Dawn and Aymara the Foremother, for the gift of harvest and is an opportunity to celebrate the successful completion of another crop season. It is a time for the community to come together with feasting, carnival games and merriment before winter's chill arrives.


The Kinfire occurs during the Winter Solstice under the watchful eye of Asanna, the Blazing Dawn. During this shortened day, the mortal races of Erenel show their generosity by giving gifts to members in their community who need them most. The poor are fed and clothed, and the homeless are given shelter. Friends and family gather around the fire to exchange gifts and discuss the year's events so all may learn and grow as kin.

Three Tears

Held during the last day of the year, Three Tears is a solemn holiday. As the year fades and another takes its place, Erenel mourns the loss of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir's physical form and hopes one of the three may fulfill their Yearning next year and become whole again.


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