Kalator, Father of the Forge

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All blacksmiths can craft weapons meant to bring destruction and death, but followers of Kalator are blessed with artistry in their forge. Their blades stay sharper longer, their hammers rarely crack, and their paintings exude brilliance. Those blind enough to destroy beautiful creations or allow their tools to become dull and broken will face the wrath of the Anvil.
Kalator is the deity of smiths, artisans, crafters, and laborers, granting inspiration to anyone who respects the art of creation. The Father of the Forge is supported by a wide range of followers encompassing all civilized races of Erenel.   Those who believe in the importance of a hard day's work are likely to praise Ol' Firebeard, and his name has become a calling to boost their spirits in the latter part of a workday. Expect to find his symbol adorning the wall at local blacksmith shop or extravagant stain glass window at his temples. Kalator is fond of large statues in his image and is known to visit great works of art, disguised as a blacksmith or commoner, to marvel at the craftsmanship.

Divine Domains

Forge, Protection

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Kalator is an inverted hammer with a brush and chisel crossing the handle. The primary color is a fiery red, along with a beautiful shimmering bronze.  


Many clergies follow Kalator and are diverse in their practices, but there are common tenets shared among all.  

Create Wonders With Labor

Create beautiful things that are pleasing to the eye. Look to become a master of artistry of all kinds, not merely smithing. Never be hesitant to dirty your hands, no matter how high you rise in civilized nobility.

Encourage Growth

Spurn not the unskilled for no one begins a master of craft. Those that work to create beauty to the best of their ability should be encouraged, for even if their craft is not perfect, by practicing they will improve. Demand that all followers be paid fairly in wages for their art and labor.

Protect and Share Beauty

Do not hoard beauty. Let others behold the glory of art when it is safe to show it. Protect all magnificent works of the hand. They must be protected by those who will steal, spoil, or lie and claim they were the creator.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Kalator resembles a gargantuan Dwarf, powerfully muscled with a great smith's hammer in hand. His body is covered in patches of molten rock, mainly covering his forearms, thighs, and left shoulder. In various statues and paintings, he may be wearing master crafted plate armor but always has his head exposed with a long flowing beard.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the plane of fire, Kalator ascended to godhood in the legendary Surtur City. After he fled to Surtur City, escaping the wrath of Volkan the Everburning, Kalator became famous for his abilities not only at the forge but with a paintbrush. After many years in Surtur, he crossed paths with the cities founder, Kaldreoss, an Ancient Red Dragon renowned for his infinite wisdom. Legend states that Kalator ascended thanks to assistance from Kaldreoss. The famed Titanforge Anvil resides in Surtur City, marking the glorious occasion.

Fall of Salthiel

Salthiel was one of the favored angels in service of Kalator standing at his right hand, carrying out Kalator’s will and defending the faithful against depredations. Salthiel’s influence was so great, many of Kalator’s worshipers prayed not to their god but to Salthiel for aid.   It is unknown if this worship caused Salthiel to grow arrogant and prideful, or perhaps another unknown force manipulated the angel, but regardless Salthiel claimed godhood for himself and challenged Kalator. Kalator easily defeated the angel and, with great sadness cast him down to The Below.


Contacts & Relations

The Anvils

The more militant followers of Kalator are the Anvils. They protect things of beauty, as well as artists themselves, and are the first to volunteer to fight against those who would subject artistic expression and craftsmanship. To join this prestigious order, Kalator requires "doctrine three."

Doctrine I:

Before you partake in the Crucible, a gauntlet to show worth, you must craft your own holy symbol yourself in whichever manner you choose.

Doctrine II:

Before you craft your holy symbol, you must first forge your own personal hammer, tongs, and other tools of the trade. An initiate's "mentor" will lend you their tools for this purpose.

Doctrine III:

Once you complete the Crucible, you may not cut your hair or beard with any metal other than Starmetal.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Father of the Forge, Ol' Firebeard
Ignathar, Plane of Fire

Festival of Starmetal

Every year, shooting stars streak across the sky and some crash into Erenel filled with a strange metal known simply as "starmetal." The faithful believe these meteorites to be gifts from Kalator Himself, as they provide a wonderful, unusual metal for forging.   The week after the meteor lands, artisans extract the metal and work it and produce a unique piece made from the metal. They're presented before the entire city in a massive art fair.

Character Portrait image: by Gamingbrew
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