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Elturian Kingdom

"Geond Erfodes, unte Môna" - Through Hardship, to the Stars. The dying words of the first Wolf Queen, Lufir Elturandis. Now the motto for house Elturandis.
The shadow of Queen Lufir Elturandis looms large on the kingdom. The Elturian kingdom has lain claim to the surrounding known world for nearly 60 years after Queen Lufir conquered the six major holds either through force or diplomacy. The region was renamed in honor of the great queen, Elturia. With the death of Queen Lufir, Queen Freja Elturandis has taken the throne and seeks to make a legacy for herself. The Elturian Kingdom manages to retain power in the region through its military might, strange mystical powers in the royalty, and the support of the six holds. Though these institutions are constantly under threat from rebellious local lords, fickle deities, and other supernatural occurrences, the crown maintains these institutions for the defense of the people and betterment of the kingdom.
The towering Queen Freja Elturandis, the Frost Wolf, has just passed her 44th birthday, and has ruled the kingdom for a decade. In that time she has quelled several rebellions, protected the city of Aldhon from a group of sorcerers, and greatly expanded the knowledge of magic. She is a warm and loving figure in private, which colors the love of her kingdom and people, though her public face is one of strength and frigid resolve. She rewards those that serve her and the kingdom well, but she has been known to be the executioner's blade to those who betray her trust or bring danger to her people.
The people of the kingdom are fiercely independent, only following a leader if they have proven their worth. Though this often leads to small rebellions, these are often quelled quickly or burn out on their own when they realize they must brave the dangerous wilderness away from the protection of each holds' walls. This independence holds true even within the growing city of Aldhon, the Hearth City, and capital. Those that turn their passions to constructive pursuits can find meaningful work with the Cartographer's guild, or within the masonry guild that works on the city's construction. The Reliquary calls to those that have arcane ability, researching magic at the Queen's behest. There are few within the Reliquary that believe they should have a high place in the governance of the city due to their arcane prowess.
The Elturian Kingdom is divided into six holds. The first is Aldhon , which governs the kingdom at the base of the Star Reach Peaks. The second, Gli ruled by Jarl Elsglie, governs much of the land to the northwest of Lake Yrun. Mralgir, across the Turian Straight on the Luf Penninsula, is governed by Jarl Boran. The fourth hold is Bayhold, ruled currently by Sjokung Hlugar, and governs the twin bays. Frarhir, also known as Far Hold, governs the northern reaches of the kingdom and is ruled by Isjarl K'maldin. The last hold, Algzul, is currently in revolt. The rebellious hold is ruled by self proclaimed King of the Alboldir Valley, Naerfi Skjol. They have recently taken Mralgir and forced Jarl Boran into their service.
The Kingdom officially sanctions, and keeps temples for all of The Velranir, and even a few of The Hlutlir. However, while public worship of The Illtir is frowned upon, the crown does not punish those that whisper quiet prayers and offerings to them at sanctioned locations in order to avert the evil deities' gaze.


The crown uses its sorcerous bloodline, the vast resources from the Altur Peninsula, and of course taxes gathered from each hold to maintain their power in the region. This hold on the region has left some lords discontented and sympathetic with the revolt across the straight. Though the crown sees this as an opportunity to solidify its reign further in the hearts of its people.
The Cartographer's guild itches to push beyond the edges of their known lands, but the queen has pulled some funding in an effort to keep them close. She does not wish the guild to push beyond the bounds of the known lands until they understand the nature of magic better, and she can provide them (and her army) with protection. As the queen sees them as a way to expand her kingdom.
Religious sentiment has been growing in the city as the deities have become more active in the land, even if subtly. Queen Elturandis II seeks to understand why the deities stir more, and find a way to use it to the kingdom's benefit. The crown has mostly stayed out of the writing of religious texts out of respect, but perhaps there is another way to use the situation.

Figures of Interest


Queen Freja Elturandis

Lawful good, female goliath   When her mother passed, Queen Freja Elturandis II took the throne at. She was often called the the "Pup" behind her back at the start of her reign but no longer. Having ruled for 40 years now, she has quelled rebellions, thwarted assassination attempts, and has made serious headway to the discovery of the nature of magic. A practiced practitioner herself, she has earned the title of The Frost Wolf, having displayed terrible feats of ice magic on the battlefield. She now seeks to build stability for her people, and unite them completely. She fears the visions her mother had, claiming there was some great threat on the horizon, but it has yet to come. In private she seeks the comfort and counsel of her royal consort, Axethane Hrongir, the father of her three children.  

Steward Mila Quilkeeper

Neutral good, nonbinary elf   An accomplished mage in their own right, Mila Quilkeeper is high steward in the court. They and their underlings manage the day to day book keeping and governing of the entire kingdom. Mila also acts as the first advisor to the queen, providing insight into the common folk of the kingdom, and trying to steer the queen towards diplomacy rather than military action.  

Princess Angsa Elturandis

Chaotic good, female Ir-touched   The brash crowned princess, Angsa Elturandis, is quick to act and is regarded as a champion for her people. She is often known to sneak out of the palace to hunt down the evil doers in the city. While her mother outwardly expresses wishes that Angsa would stay out of danger, she has something inside that will not let her. Blessed by the light of Godreki, Angsa feels it is her duty to protect the city and her people from the various threats within and without. However, she chafes at her increasing responsibility at the palace learning the way of statecraft.  

Prince Baena Elturandis

Lawful good, nonbinary goliath   Prince Baena can often be found at Hrongir's side, wishing to learn from him in both bearing and battle. The prince is an accomplished swordsman and is training to be the first Blade of the Throne, foremost body guard of the queen and eventual leader of the palace defenses. Baena often acts much more mature than his twelve years of age, yet his twin brother Prince Ragvlor is one of the few that can get under his skin.  

Prince Ragvlor Elturandis

Lawful Evil, male goliath   Prince Ragvlor has an intelligence that is rarely seen, especially for one so young. He looks like his brother Baena in every way except that his skin is not the characteristic gray color, but instead has a light hue of blue with the gray. Ragvlor trains with Muragar to learn how to manage the city watch, and lead the army. However, he picks up the concepts quickly, much to Muragar's chagrin, so he often sneaks away to study what he wishes within the palace library. He has been seen coveting a rather strange book as of late, though when the attendants ask of it, the book cannot be found.  

Axethane Hrongir Meldrani

Neutral good, male goliath   Though not an Arkine himself, the Wolf Guard answer to Axethane Hrongir as the queen's personal bodyguard. Hrongir holds a deep seated need to protect the Queen and their children. So, he can often be found near the queen's side, or training with Baena and Angsa. He does not understand Ragvlor, but he tries to train with the boy or check on him to little avail. Recently Hrongir has taken more interest in the growing rebellion across the straight and is undergoing military preparation for the presumed conflict alongside the queen.  

High Captain Muragar Dirmir

Lawful evil, male human   A brutal man, Captain Muragar is the leader of the city watch and currently acts as general of the army. He is loyal to his queen but he believes that she should not be so lenient to the dissidents to her rule. He wishes to bring a swift end to any opposition to the crown. The Snike have been of particular annoyance to him, thwarting his watch through the city and eluding capture. The queen wishes to foster their skills and eventually try to turn The Snike into her spy network, but Muragar highly disagrees with this.  

Chief Arbiter Khirirr

Lawful neutral, female dragonborn   Once the silver scaled ambassador of the Agdrek, Khirrirr Hran serves now as the Chief Arbiter of the Elturian Kingdom. Khirrir was first sent to aid the Elturian Kingdom in facing the Skull Mage, Sackrym, and broker an alliance with the Wolf Queen. Khirrir now has final say on all legal matters that does not require the crown's attention. Morality has nothing to do with her judgement as she follows the letter of the law. Though some try to find loop holes in the law, they do so only once as Khirrir and the queen are quick to close them once they are known.

"Geond Erfodes, unte Môna"

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Elturian Empire, The Elts, The Wolf Crown.
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Legislative Body
The Moot - A gathering of Jarls or their Thane's sent as representatives once per year.
Related Traditions
Controlled Territories


Paecdran and the other northern tribes have sworn fealty to the Elturian Kingdom. Agreeing to fight in their wars, as long as they receive the protections of the crown.

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