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The oldest, largest and farthest north settlement, Frarhir is home to the northern dwarves and stonekin that swore fealty to the Elturian Kingdom. It was the last standing stronghold in the war with Surtym as the mortal races were emerging, and so became the first of the mortal settlements in the region. Isjarl K'maldin, a stubborn dwarf, makes sure that everyone knows the history of the town, and carries on the tradition of leaving the ruins as they are as a reminder. Frarhir is the last bastion of civilization before the land gives way to the frozen ocean of the Frost Sheets. Though Frarhir is incredibly cold, it has a respectable population. The stonekin and dwarves are native to the region, but a fair amount of elves and other races have taken residence in Frarhir looking for a place to call home in a place of seclusion.
The hold is broken up into three sections. The Boldarth section is the portion of the town that is built into the cliffside where most of the dwarves make their permanent residence. The Sleets is the largest section of the town, laying outside of Boldarth, is where most other folk, as well as Isjarl K'maldin, make their homes. There are large brazers on every other street corner where the locals can take their warmth, and escape the treacherous sleet that covers the streets for a moment. The Crumbledowns is where most of the ruins of the last war can be found. There are few that actually live here, other than the unscrupulous types and Grandma Ficklesnow, but most know to steer clear of her.
Frarhir has become something of a hub for explorers wishing to venture out into the Frost Sheets. Though most travellers opt to travel to Frarhir through the mountain passes, it does have a small port at the edge of town. The port is mostly used for fisherman that will spend weeks at a time ice fishing in the northern reaches, though one or two of the fishermen make a decent living as guides for members of the Reliquary that come to investigate. Nothing of note has been discovered yet, but the land used to stretch farther north until Surtym sundered it in his battle with Gilindrea.
  Government: The hold is governed by Isjarl Fr'aklin K'maldin, a grumpy dwarf in his later years. He is known for his cold, but honorable demeanor and a soft spot for the animals of the north. He is rarely seen without his companion Isclaw, a runt of a polar bear. K'maldin spends a majority of the day personally seeing to the needs of his people. When the work get particularly strenuous he delegates matters of lesser import to his steward. He keeps a representative from the queen in his retinue as an advisor, in show of good faith to the crown. While the jarl has the final say in policy matters, there is a monthly town hall organized by the steward to ensure the people's voices are heard.   Defense: Frarhir maintains an active city guard, and can muster a militia of at least two hundred soldiers in less than thirty minutes. With the dangers of the north, between frost giants and wild life, each townsfolk is expected to be able to hold their own in a fight and help defend the town.   Commerce: Being the largest town in the north, most necessary amenities and supplies can be found in Frarhir. The townsfolk heard giant goats and cultivate Frostpears as their primary source of agriculture. Frarhir is known as the largest exporter of fine furs and pelts that are brought in from the Paecdran - The Northern Tribes. The dwarven masterworkers that are sequestered within the deeper parts of Boldarth are also renowned for their fine weapons and armor. The story goes that they are able to imbue their work with the cold of the land, giving most weapons and armor that come from Frarhir the nick name of Frost Wrought.   Organizations: Bordin and Godreki (see The Velranir) both hold notable temples within the city, and it is rumored that there is a shrine to Surtym (see The Illtir) within the Crumbledowns, but the townsguard has yet to locate it. The forgemasters of Boldarth are starting to form a small guild, holding small meetings once a year to share at least one thing they have learned and work together to set prices for their goods. They have even sent one of their own to Aldhon to take up residence and see if they can expand their influence. There is a small organized crime ring within Frarhir, but not much is known about them. It is rumored that they are led by a particularly ruthless Khrotti that is only know as The Flame.  

Surviving the North

With the harsh conditions along the northern coast, every member of the town is expected to contribute. Parents often teach their children how to live off of the land in case they needed to leave the confines of the city, as well as instilling a need to learn a trade or skill so they can help the town survive. They are also taught at a young age to weild a weapon and what the blowing of the central horn means. During a threat they are taught to come to the towns aid at a moments notice, so most townsfolk carry a weapon with them at all times. If a grave threat comes upon Frarhir, the caves of Boldarth can hold the entire population of the town. The town is used to defending itself in short sieges due to the frost giants of the region. Thankfully it can rely on the Paecdran - The Northern Tribes to aid them in particularly difficult defenses.  


As with any town that faces a degree of hardship, there is a fair amount of petty crime that takes place within Frarhir. Food or supplies will get stolen from the market from the local street urchins every other day or so, and the guard does their best to handle the situations. Those that are caught with minor crimes are often fined or sent to the iceblock to work. The growing organized crime element has been cause for concern for Isjarl K'maldin. The group has started calling themselves Razorfrost, and have even become so bold as to attempt heists upon the Jarl's private residence. All attempts have been rebuffed, but there have been a few close calls.  


Frarhir lies along the northern coast of Elturia, to the north west. The land boasts a cold summer and a frigid winter. It is nestled along a great cliffside to the east, the ocean to the north, and rolling snowy hills to the south and west. Food generally comes from herding the giant goats, cultvating frostpears, and hunting wild game. The town is broken up into three sections: Boldarth in the eastern caves, The Sleets in the center of the town to the docks, and the Crumbledowns to the south and west.  


The important locations of Boldarth.   Crackmaw's Ironworks: Run by a large dwarf with a well known sense of humor. Gilfy K'maldin, or better known as "Crackmaw," is brother to the Isjarl and is known for having the best forge within Boldarth. He keeps several apprentices, but tries his best to meet with all of the customers that come into his forge   Garvel Street: The largest neighborhood and thoroughfare within Boldarth. The abodes here are built into the rock of the cave wall and the deeper you go into this neighborhood the more affluent the families become. There is a large section of the neighborhood that is reserved from the Paecdran - The Northern Tribes for use when they need it.   Bordin's Bulwark: The stone wall that acts as an entrance into Boldarth is engraved with reliefs of Bordin's visage, and symbols of his faith. There are ramparts along the top wall where guars can look out into the city and beyond.   Stonehearth: Flint Firestone, a relatively uninspired individual, runs the tavern in Boldarth. Here the weary traveller can find a quiet nights rest, and a comfortable place to lay one's head.    

The Sleets

The important location of the sleets.   Kricely's Ice! Sculpture Emporium and Winter Escapades: Kricely Muragosh hoped to bring some frivolity to his bleak a dreary town. With a passion for creating ice scultpures and facilitating fun, the albino Khrotti set up a shop around one of The Sleets various ponds. With a small talent for magic, they continuously make sure that the pond is frozen. They can be found here all day making various ice sculptures to place around town for display. Kricely also maintains an icerink, a sled race, and snowball fighting ring.   Sundo's Sundries: One of the few humans still to be found in the frozen north, Serilias Sundo runs Frarhir's general store.   Sleet Steel Manor: Home to Isjarl K'maldin, Sleet Steel Manor stands at the center of Frarhir for all to see. The Isjarl purposefully chose his home to be in The Sleets, to reinforce the perception that he wished to be available for all his people. It also serves to be a constant reminder of his power and rule. The manor is a large three story building made of deep colored wood, and a smoke stack can be seen continuously billowing from the chimney. The Isjarl holds council during the waking ours of the day, and closes his audience chamber after the sun sets.   Tymsfal Tavern: Lindris Icefeather's father was one for history, naming their family's business after the fall of Surtym several hundred years prior. Lindris runs the tavern now and she loves a brawl or boast as much as the next woman. Tymsfal is a rambunctious joint, with cheap ale and a good time. The hearth is warm, and Lindris often says "It's Tym ya Fal into bed!"  

The Crumbledowns

The important locations of the Crumbledowns.   Path of the Fallen: The road that leads into Frarhir through the Crumble downs is scattered with momentos to the previous war. Townsfolk will often make treks into the Crumbledowns to pay respect to an ancestor, leaving an offering. However, they know not to stay long for some of the dead linger here and not all are friendly.   Ficklesnow Fortune's: Other than a few urchins, the only consistent resident of the Crumbledowns is Grandma Ficklesnow. She is an elderly stonekin who seems to have lived far beyond what she should have. She has been known to help the townsfolk get whatever it is that they wish, but the talk around town is that she can exact a terrible price if you are not careful. The Isjarl puts up with her presence, but it is not fully understood why. She has access to potions, herbs, magical and medicinal remedies, all for a price.  

Frarhir Adventures

Kricely's Crisis (Low Level): A group of frost sprites have taken over Kricely's Emporium! They are making inappropriate ice statues, ruining the game, and harming guests. Kricely begs the party to help him deal with this gods forsaken menace!   Thunderous Alliance (mid level): The frost giants have returned to threaten Frarhir, trying to pillage it for its food and resources. The players are requested personally by the Isjarl to handle the issue. After dealing with a few that have gotten into the town, the characters learn that a dark mage or thunder priest has allied themselves with the giants, to what end they are not sure.


50% Dwarves, 25% Goliaths, 10% Elves, 10% Khrotti, 5% other races
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