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The Velranir

The Velranir are the Gods of Good within Elturia.    

Godreki, The Scaled Guardian

Godreki is the Lawful Good leader of the Velranir, as well as its oldest member. One of the earliest desires of mortals is that of protection. The prayers and desires of these mortals coalesced into the draconic protector of Godreki. Now that mortals have learned to protect themselves he walks among them observing how they write their own story. Godreki will sometimes appear in the guise of a beggar or scholar in search of help, or offer to help those around him. He would often be accompanied by at least one golden canary.

Bordi, The Forge Master

The stocky forge master, Bordi, is the personification of honest work, honest life, and dedication to one's craft. She is the patron to craftsman, and mortals pray to her for inspiration for their inventions. She appears as a strong redheaded dwarf with a thick braid swinging her flaming hammer onto an anvil. Bordi is also the patron deity of inventors, and any other profession that creates things with their hands. She values hard work, and rewards those that provide for themselves and families through lawful pursuits.  

Dionder, The Storyteller

More concerned with art and love, Dionder seeks followers that will explore the world just to experience. For what makes the best stories if not our own experiences? Dionder is the patron of poets, artists, musicians, and story tellers of all types. It was at his direction that the Kaal was founded, and the Kaalirs do his bidding by traveling the world cataloging the stories and music they come across. Dionder appears as a Halfling in the midst of creativity while holding a glass of wine in one hand, and a rapier at his hip. He is known to rarely appear and protect his faithful when they find themselves against impossible odds.  

Ortuna, Bringer of Opportunity

Ortuna is a the deity of safe travels, opportunity, and luck. They often seek out ways to provide opportunities to those that are deserving within the world, and allowing them to opportunity to make their own good fortune. There are often shrines to Ortuna at crossroads, and in larger towns Folk will often make pilgrimages to Ortuna's shrines, or say a prayer to them if they are seeking good fortune, or for their path to be made clear to them. Ortuna is also said to thoroughly enjoy pranks, and they often appear as an Elf, with short hair and flipping a coin. Though Ortuna loves to take on different forms.  

Solmithra, Steward of the Sun

  Solmithra, the Charioteer, the Golden Voice, the Father of Light, is the Steward of the Sun. Brother to Arrast (Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt), Solmithra brings light and life to the land, and is often depicted pulling the sun across the sky from his massive chariot. Sometimes abruptly changing it from day to night if his sister sends her arrow after him for vexing her. Priests of Solmithra seek to spread the protection of the light and purge the world of undead. Solmithra is worshipped in most places in Elturia, largely in cathedrals along side his peers in the pantheon. However, one great shrine stands atop Mt. Letir that venerates only him.

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