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Paecdran - The Northern Tribes

Clinging to the old ways of their people, the Paecdran are the largest of the many northern tribes that roam the peaks along northern coast near Frarhir. The Stonekin tribes coalesced after the wars between giants and fae subsided nearly 300 years before the founding of Aldhon. These people quickly developed their own customs and cherished the freedom they found in living off the land after escaping the rule of the giants that sired them. The Paecdran have grown to be the strongest tribe after 100 years of besting the other tribes in feats of strength at the annual gathering at Thunderwatch. Larhan Nulakamune recently earned the title of "Mountain Frightener," in claiming his place as the new Chieftan of the Paecdran during the last Thundermoot. He has led to the northern tribes gaining a great deal more respect in the wider world of Elturia in the last decade, making alliances with Frarhir and honoring his people's commitment to the Elturian Kingdom in the recent uprising.
Due to Larhan's leadership, along with the Shaman Thauleo's guidance, the Paecdran have developed a strong relationship with the hold of Frarhir, and quelled most conflicts with the frost giants in the area. They trade lush furs, excess food, and the location of natural resources to the hold in exchange for superior weapons and a place to stay in the caves near the settlement during the harshest months of winter. While there are still small altercations with the frost giants of the region, Larhan's father, Rhan, brokered an uneasy peace between the two groups. Doing so through a duel with the frost giant chieftan, Lorgir. Rahan managed to slay Lorgir, but not without losing his own life in the duel as well. Larhan seeks now to live up to his father's name and lead the Paecdran to garner more glory in the name of their ancestors, and believing that fighting for the Queen's cause is the best way to do this.


The major goals of each of the tribes is to survive within the harsh northern reaches of the Elturian Kingdom. However, there are the yearly feats of strength at the Thundermoot that each tribe trains for, training to become the best fighters, hunters, craftsman, or even cook. There seems to be a new feat every year that the northern tribes come up with. Larhan of the Paecdran seeks to keep his tribe as the dominant one in the region, and is looking to do this through increasing their presence in the wider world. Some other chieftans see this as a sign of weakness and look for anything they can exploit, without turning to tribal war. Most of the people of the northern tribes believe they must live this way since it honors their ancestors and helps atone for what their people did fighting along side the giants. Some of the younger members see the allure of the settlements and wish to truly experience them, so the elders endeavor to show them the importance and value of their current way of life.    

People of Interest


Larhan Nulakamune, The Mountain Frightener

chaotic good, male goliath   A mountain of a man and already the youngest chief of any tribe, Larhan leads the Paecdran people. He proved himself as the leader in a feat of strength against Garoth Kolakane, through charging into Ignamu's lair and slaying the beast before Garoth could barely find his quarry. Larhan pilfered two ancient axes from the yeti's trove, and when Larhan proclaimed himself at the following Thundermoot, the earth quaked beneath the gathered tribes and his axes burst aflame. Quickly becoming a legendary figure amongst the tribes, there is talk of naming him first high chieftan amonst them. Larhan has no siblings, all having died near birth, his mother is the tribe's wise woman, Thauleo. Additionally, he has recently taked the sister of Garoth, Miranthi, as his bride.  

Thauleo Nulakutha, The Dream Mender

lawful neutral, female goliath   A wizened woman, short for a stonekin as she is beginning to hunch, Thauleo is the mother of Larhan and shaman for the Paecdran tribe. She has served as their wise woman for longer than Larhan has been alive. She has lost many children before Larhan due to one reason or another, but despite the noticable weight of a life of hardship she manages to still hold a knowing smile and provide the words that are needed to be heard. Thauleo was blessed with the Storm Sight, seeing glimpses of the future, and the ability to read the natural omens that Dionder, Ortuna, or Arrast provide. With the loss of her husband Rhan, Thauleo takes it as her personal duty to guide her son to greatness while honoring the ancestors. She has taken young Thathe Ogolathala as her apprentice, for the girl has shown signs of also possessing the Storm Sight.  

Garoth Kolakane, The Skyclimber

neutral evil, male goliath   Tall but relatively slender for a stonekin, Garoth Kolakane is known as the best tracker and hunter within the Paedran Tribe. He holds a grudge against Larhan for besting him in the feat of strength. He believes that he would have been the best leader for he is used to leading hunting parties, how would leading the tribe be different? He is an arrogant man, constantly boasting of his best kills and superior vision compared to the rest of the tribe. He is constantly on the vigil for Larhan to slip up in someway, so that he may sieze the reigns of leadership. He has even begun speaking with the hunters of other tribes to come up with a plan. Truthfully, Garoth does have the best eyesight within their tribe and has the best arm for the Javellin. Most of the other tribesman forgive him his attitude, and even comiserate with him since he is such an asset to the Paecdran. He earned his title two Thundermoots ago, when he was able to scale a cliff higher than anyone else that tried him, and was able to see the farthest amongst all of the tribes.  

Zardath Unigoth, The Storm Caller

chaotic evil, male goliath   The once exiled chieftan of the Belraec tribe, Zardath Unigoth is one of the most feared individuals within the northern coast. His tribe is one of the few that brave the ice sheets of the waters north of Frarhir. He was exiled after the events of a Thundermoot 12 years past. He was approached by Sackrym the Skullmage and shown how to harness arcane power. In return he was to slay the other chieftans at the Thundermoot and claim the northern holdings for Sackrym. At the Thundermoot, Zardath called down a terrible storm killing 3 of the chieftans but he was stopped by Rhan of the Paecdran. After a terrible fight Rhan and the other chiefs subdued Zardath. His son, Lazar came and pleaded with the gathered chiefs not to kill his father for their people would die without him, so instead they banished him from attending the thundermoot. At the last thundermoot, Zardath and his son returned and demanded they participate in the feats of strength so their tribe could once again earn honor with their ancestors. They were cautiously allowed back, but there has been tension ever since.
Founding Date
-245 B.F.
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Alternative Names
Peak Drifter's
Ruling Organization


Paecdran and the other northern tribes have sworn fealty to the Elturian Kingdom. Agreeing to fight in their wars, as long as they receive the protections of the crown.

Cover image: View of Schroom Mountain, Essex County, New York by Thomas Cole
Character flag image: by Aaron Burr


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