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The Hlutlir

The Hlutlir are the Gods of Neutrality within Elturia.    

Regla, Bearer of Judgment

Regla was one of the earliest deities to make herself known to mortal kind shortly after Godreki helped lift them from the mud. Known also as Arbiter, Regla is the goddess of unbiased law and civilization. She is patron to judges, lawmen, government officials, and those that wish spread the boarders of civilization and tame the wilds. She was not always the deity of law and order however. It is said she rose up to remove Hraedrek from the post after he went mad. Regla is likely one of the few deities not of the Illtir to work with Slaemdreki, as well as Godreki since between the three they represent the primary aspects of law and civilization. Yera vehemently despises Regla, and Arrast usually steps in to cool the passions between the two.

Arrast, The Moonlit Huntress

Accompanied by her twin wolves, Lupre and Galnir, Arrast is the goddess of the shattered moon, the hunt, and the balance between civilization and nature. She is patron to patron to hunters, scouts, and all those that live off the wilds. Temples to Arrast can be found in the remote places in the wilds, at hunting lodges, and hamlets throughout Elturia. Lupre and Galnir follow Arrast out of respect, and the three hunt together in harmony. The twin wolves cornered Arrast when she was but a fledgling deity, nearly killing her but Arrast gave them pause and challenged them to a contest of perception. If Arrast could find the wolves, they would spare her. Not only did she find them, but she slew a terrible fanged creature that had also found the twin wolves and was about to strike.

Deyjau, The Great Guide

Often appearing as a cloaked figure with an outstretched hand and a face that is hard to recognize, Deyjau's sacred duty to ferry souls back into the Sea of Sjal. Priests of Deyjau teach not to fear death for it is a natural part of life and it comes for everyone eventually. The greatest thing a soul can do is to live with purpose and die with dignity. The world is still young so Deyjau comes to the passing of every mortal accompanied by their albino raven, Hvitra. Most pray to Deyjau to stay away or to visit their foes, few pray to them in peace even in their last moments.  

Yera, The Untamed Wilds

The Unfettered Wild, Treemother, The Green Hand, and the Wrathful Mistress are some of the many names of Yera the goddess of nature. Though she is often appears as a calm elvish woman with a mess of hair that can change colors within reds and greens. She is often venerated by those that venerate nature, namely druids, rangers, and some barbarian tribes. Her followers seek to protect nature from civilization, and allow it to thrive. They also believe that there is balance in all things natural, and they do not interfere with the natural processes (such as predators hunting prey). Shrines and temples to Yera can often be found in places of nature, often in groves or places that touch upon the Verd Wilds. Cities often will have parks or other natural places within their walls as a way to show respect to Yera, and keep her wrath from their walls. Individuals will often pray to Yera for a bountiful harvest on crops, or safe passage through the woodlands.  

Ikol, The Trickster

Ikol, though there are not many shrines or temples, is widely known throughout the land as the god of mischief. His name is often included in curses and the like, blaming bad luck on this deity. Ikol mostly appears as a masculine presenting figure though they come with many different faces, often covering their face slightly with a porcelain mask. On this mask there are usually two snakes in the shape of a 'Y' on its front. Another symbol associated with Ikol is the Crescent Moon, as they like to enact most mischeif at night. Ikol has a strong connection to the moon and night, and it is said that the existence of lycanthropes is because of a great prank that Ikol had played on Arrast. The shrines that do exist to Ikol can often be found in theives guilds, or passing shrines on unsafe passage ways meant to scare travelers.

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