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Kakko? Oh you mean that small town by the lake that has sour ale? I only stopped their on my way back from Gli for a night. Not much to do there in the way of excitement other than sit by the lake and hope you don't get sucked in. To be fair, it does have a nice tavern and the best fish for miles. Folks say it is the place to be when the celebration of Helfast comes along, but I haven't seen it.
  Sitting at the edge of Lake Yrun, Kakko is a fishing village of modest size that lies along the Lakebound Road. Mostly Stonekin and Humans call the village home, but a small amount of elves have started to make this place their home due to the lake temple's significance to Gilindrea Helfast. While Kakko is small, it sees many visitors due to its location along the trade route between Gli and Aldhon. Additionally, pilgrims will stop here on their way to find passage to Temple Yrun in the center of the lake. The town remains relatively quiet year round with the exception of the celebration of the Helfast Feast. Recently people have begun to leave Kakko with the allure of Aldhon so close. Not to mention the spirit of the lake seems to be acting up and taking more people from the town.   Government: The town is governed by Burgomaster Naean. She organizes monthly town halls, settles minor disputes, and ensures that the tithes to the crown are sent on time. For more serious matters of governance she sends for an official from Aldhon.   Defense: Most of the townsfolk can defend themselves from minor threats, but it can muster a small militia to defend the town against more serious threats such as a roving hill giant or a bandit raid in a matter of minutes.   Commerce: The town has access to almost all mundane necessities and survival gear. Occasionally more interesting items will come through do to its placement along the trade routes.

The Helfast Feast

The beginning of the celebration of Gilindrea Helfast's life and deeds occurs when the light from the sun is focused from the massive crystal atop the lake temple to a specific point within Kakko. When the first few villagers learned that the light was focused enough to start a fire, they built a small altar for the spot and eventually Kakko grew around it. These days people will travel from around the region to see the phenomenon, where the townsfolk have now set up a bonfire that this light starts. The fire from this bonfire has become so large and bright that it can faintly be seen from Aldhon, which in turn alerts them to light their bonfires to begin the celebration. The bonfire can also be used in cases of emergency to warn Aldhon if it is not during the time of the festival.

Spirit of Lake Yrun

The people of the village are incredibly superstitious, believing that the lake is one home to the nature goddess Yera. They often try to appease her to stay in her good graces in living so close with nature, by sending offerings into the lake on rafts or other means. In the past villagers had gone missing near the lake, but that stopped for several years. It has started happening again recently, and the local fisherman are becoming scared of heading out into the lake for fear that they will be next to be dragged into the depths.
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378 (50% Stonekin, 30% Human, 10% Elves, 5% Dwarves, 5% Other races)
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