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Star Reach Peaks

The frosted summits of the Star Reach Peaks are visible throughout most of the Elturian region. The highest mountains in the land, they have always served as a symbol of stength. With the passing of Lufir Elturandis, and her famous last words "Through Hardship, to the Stars," the mountains have taken on a new symbolic meaning. The people of the land look to the mountains as a goal, a symbol of progress through strength. Near the top of the mountain there is a shrine to Skir and few of the more respected members of the Velranir. It is a rough path, but many stonekin and humans make the pilgrimage to the temple at least once in their lives.


This mountain range can be to climb due to its rocky terrain and year round snow near the top. The Star Reach Peaks tower over The Hearth City, overlooking wolf head's bay. There is a small creek that flows from the top of the mountain that feeds into the pool within the Mountain Spring District of Aldhon. From the temple near the top of the mountain, most of the region can be seen; the city at the base of the mountain, the vast green wilderness and rolling plains that give way to the glistening Lake Yrun to the west, the violent sea to the south, the ice sheets of the frigid north, and the edges of the hidden Alboldir Valley to the east across the Turian Straight.

Localized Phenomena

The highest reaches of the mountain are often unaccessible due to a sheet of ice that never seems to cease, no matter how hot it becomes, or how much melts to feed the creek that flows down the mountain. Most travelers also usually refrain from using magic while on the peaks due to strange occurrences as a result of casting spells, such as unexpected or deadly amplification, backlash, and some unexpected phenomena.
Related Traditions

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